New trailer for Terry Gilliam's The Zero Theorem

Trailer Simon Brew 28 Jan 2014 - 06:28

Christoph Waltz stars in Terry Gilliam's upcoming film, The Zero Theorem. Here's the trailer...

The latest film from Terry Gilliam lands in cinemas in March, and unsurprisingly, this new trailer for it isn't shy about telling you who's behind it. Rightly so too. We're doubly excited, because it marks Gilliam's return to science fiction too. with The Zero Theorem.

Christoph Waltz takes the lead this time, with David Thewlis, Lucas Till, Melanie Thierry, Tilda Swinton and Ben Whishaw joining him. And at heart of it is the story of a computer genius who's working on a project that, if all goes to plan, will discover the purpose of existence. If it doesn't? Well, it's  Terry Gilliam film. Perhaps, for now, we'll just leave you with the new trailer....

The film is due in UK cinemas on March 14th.

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Yes. Want.

Where is the queue for this? Hmmm? HMMMM? I need to start queuing now. And, whilst I'm queuing to watch this wonderful looking film, may I make a request for a triple-bill of Brazil, 12 Monkeys and this? Okay then! HERE, TAKE MY MONEY!

Excellent - a filmmaker like no other returns. Every one of his movies needs to be watched several times over to get close to fully grasping where he is going. So looking forward to this.

The only part of that I didn't like was the font. They can fix the font.

looks like a nice little oddity

Looks fantastic. Not a big fan of all of Gilliam's films but this one certainly appeals te me. Hope it hits the cinemas in Europe as well.

This year is going to be brilliant: not only is a Terry Gilliam film coming out on my birthday but I'm also seeing Python at the o2!!!!!
I tracked down a copy of the script a few years ago thanks to a glowing review on /Film, and the fact that the film had been canned at that time so I was not expecting it to ever be made (such is the nature of certain cancelled Terry Gilliam projects). It's a great read and worth downloading if you can find it - this film is going to be great!

I read most of this trailer in the voice of Gollum..."We wants answers...we wants the preciousss...stupid fat hobbitses..."

Oh my goodness. That looks astonishing. Me want.

100% would watch !

Unfortunately most people only watch a movie once, which is often where Gilliam's more obscure works falter.
I really hope this isn't one of his more baffling ones.
("Twelve Monkeys" is a truly inspired movie.)

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