Gillian Anderson: no new X-Files movie until at least 2016

News Simon Brew
21 Jan 2014 - 09:28

Plans remain afoot for The X-Files 3, but it's still some way away suggests Gillian Anderson...

It might be us, but it does seem really quite likely that we'll get a third big screen X-Files adventure at some point in the future. David Duchovny, Gillian Anderson and Chris Carter remain keen, and the films are relatively cheap to make too. Furthermore, there's persistent fan interest and demand.

However, in a new interview with IGN, Gillian Anderson cautions that any new film now isn't likely until 2016. That makes it far less likely, in turn, that the alien colonisation storyline set up by the TV show would be followed. The colonisation was said to take place in 2012 in the show, but that'll be long gone by the time we meet Mulder and Scully on screen again.

So why the wait until at least 2016? Well, Anderson said that she was sure a new film was "being thought out", but added that "looking at my schedule, it's probably unlikely to happen before 2016, but that's the way things go".

Anderson is currently at work on NBC's Crisis In Chicago, which premieres in the States in March.


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