Gillian Anderson: no new X-Files movie until at least 2016

News Simon Brew 21 Jan 2014 - 09:28

Plans remain afoot for The X-Files 3, but it's still some way away suggests Gillian Anderson...

It might be us, but it does seem really quite likely that we'll get a third big screen X-Files adventure at some point in the future. David Duchovny, Gillian Anderson and Chris Carter remain keen, and the films are relatively cheap to make too. Furthermore, there's persistent fan interest and demand.

However, in a new interview with IGN, Gillian Anderson cautions that any new film now isn't likely until 2016. That makes it far less likely, in turn, that the alien colonisation storyline set up by the TV show would be followed. The colonisation was said to take place in 2012 in the show, but that'll be long gone by the time we meet Mulder and Scully on screen again.

So why the wait until at least 2016? Well, Anderson said that she was sure a new film was "being thought out", but added that "looking at my schedule, it's probably unlikely to happen before 2016, but that's the way things go".

Anderson is currently at work on NBC's Crisis In Chicago, which premieres in the States in March.


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Yup- God willing I will be there.

I wouldn't mind a 3rd X-Files movie, just as long as it isn't about alien conspiracies.

I'm one of the few who likes the 2nd film purely because it chucked out all the baggage of alien/government conspiracies.

I agree. I much preferred the 2nd film over the 1st. The standalone X-Files episodes were always my favourites over the conspiracy stuff

I am one the of the series biggest fans..BUT ITS OVER..let it go..You had a chance to capitalize on 2012 target date years ago..Unless you reboot with with fresh investigators or make it a TV mini series..There can't be that much interest left..only the hardcore fans i guess..

Agreed. As much as I liked the conspiracy stuff it just because a bit too convoluted or otherwise silly. I enjoyed the first film, but I liked that the second went with a totally different story and I hope any third film does the same.

Does anyone seriously want this, or care about it at all? I agree with Moviegman below. IT IS OVER. For me it finished at the end of the tv series. Did not even bother with the second movie as it was nothing to do with the main story arc. Gillian Anderson does not need X-Files any more, she is great in the many other roles she's taken since then. Duchovny, not so much.

They could always just set it in 2012 and show how they prevented colonisation. Personally, though, I think they should drop it, a tv reboot might be a better idea.

I've been rewatching the X Files recently (season 4, at the moment) and I can't be bothered with the conspiracy episodes, they seem really dated. The standalone stuff is still really good.

If Billy Connelly is in your sequel, stop making those movies.

This is good news, I'm not sure where all the 'let it go' crap is coming from. The 2nd film was great. It's hardly flogging a dead horse when the franchise is still going strong.

A third X-Files theatrical movie ship has passed a long time ago. A limited series or straight to dvd seems more realistic now if Chris Carter, David Duchovny, and Gillian Anderson is willing to do that which I highly doubt. I wouldn't be surprised if FOX decides to reboot the franchise in the near future with a new television show or a new set of films.

Give the series to netflix, let them do a proper series and go from there.

Then what would be the point of making a 3rd film?
The only reason that people want/hope (or are campaigning) for a 3rd film after the disaster of IWTB is to make the ending to the mythology. Now I love both Mythology and Standalone episodes equally but there are plenty of standalones far superior to the embarrassing and shameful shipper garbage that was IWTB. There is only one episode left to make and that is the ending and that means throwing the shipper garbage out and putting the alien conspiracies back were they belong . At centre of the story.
Why anyone would want a 3rd X files film to be about anything else is beyond me.

Because preventing colonisation is the logical and rightful ending to the show. In Patient X/The red and the back (97/98) a syndicate member states they are 15 years away ( from colonisation) so Carter either had the Mayan calendar in mind then or that proved to be convenient. At that time the show's ending was planned to be long before that and the show is supposed to be set in our universe " the real world" . So if the ending to the show was the world was colonised by aliens that would be set to happen at a time when the show wasn't even scheduled to be on air and wouldn't have happened in real life. Thus rendering the entire storyline ( and show) pointless. Granted other circumstance have rendered it pointless anyway but that wasn't the case back in series 5 so preventing colonisation is the ending of the Mythology (which we were cheated out of). we know that ,it's just how it was (or will be) achieved :)

My problem with the second film wasn't the lack of alien/government conspiracy plot, but that it was SO DULL. I was really quite surprised.

They had eight seasons (I just ignore the last one) and a big-budget feature film in 1998 to wrap up the alien conspiracy storyline, in fact, they pretty much DID wrap it up in Season 7 (IIRC), but tried to keep it going in Season 8 with the whole 'super soldier' plot that ultimately proved both unnecessary and utterly pointless!

I thought '... I Want to Believe' was a refreshingly intelligent, thoughtful, and atmospheric little film that served as both a decent coda to the series as a whole and also as a nice punctuation mark on the Mulder/Scully relationship... that after everything that happened, all they have left is each other, what else is there to say?

'The X Files' is over, done, finished... the truth may be out there but the interest from the wider audience at large no longer is, period.

I'm hoping for a stand alone story with subtle, even debatable, links to the mythology. The episode Eve springs to mind. Let's not forgot their kid William either. Some good casting and that could really work.

Actually in the canonical The X-Files Season 10 comic book from IDW which is set in the present it is addressed that the 2012 date has already come and passed with no alien invasion. They are eight issues in so far and Mulder and Scully still don't seem to know why the invasion didn't happen. They are, however, back in the FBI and back on the X-Files. And that's CANON. Yay!

Yes but you don't make the ending until the end. Basically that would have been at the end of series 7. When they began production of that series it was planned to be the last. Carter and Spotnitz were busy tying up the storylines ( and quite frankly making a mess of it but that's another story) with a two part finale ending the show. This would then lead to movie franchise of standalone films. Then Fox realised they had nothing to replace The X Files with and said the show must continue regardless. Notice how Carter wrote two of the last 3 episodes of series 7. Fight club was a 3rd of an episode repeated 3 times and Requiem a dolled up version of the pilot with a catastrophic final 5 minutes. That was because he had to scrap his planned ending and come up with 2 different episodes at the last minute.

With David leaving and shippers up in arms Carter made Scully pregnant as a desperate shock tactic to keep shippers watching thus leading to Utterly pointless storylines that had nothing to do with the original storyline which was just dropped without resolution. Thus the show was cheated out of it's rightful ending in an attempt to make more money by pitching the show squarely at women ( how did that workout?).

As for IWTB all that shows us is that Carter has lost all interest in The X Files (bar possibly the ending) because David took the show off him at the end of series 6. lost all respect for Mulder who is now a lay about benefit scrounger and Scully who he has turned into a wag ( talk about a fate worse than death). Not to mention having complete contempt for his audience who he believes should continue to watch even thought what he is now passing off as The X Files is not what the audience signed up for.

So basically you are saying that a film about a Mad Russian scientist trying to save his gay dying lover by stitching his head to a body of a woman is a " refreshingly intelligent, thoughtful, and atmospheric little film" .
No it's not it was sick, offensive and was nothing more than immoral filth for girls. That would have been offensive in the 1980's . Into days society there is simply no justification for it. I don't know what is going on with Carter but I think what happened with David really upset him more than he lets on. The Chris Carter of series 1-6 would never have allowed these thing to happen.

I know more than anyone that the interest from the wider public has long since gone but The X Files is not over done finished and probably never will be .
What happened to The X Files should never be allowed to happen again but sadly probably will.

Well that will teach me for making a cheap joke on an X Files comment thread.

I'd like a stand alone third film back to the good old days of The X Files. A weird case that they have to solve, preferably with no aliens. Unfortunately I feel the show has moved on too much and is defined by its association with conspiracy and aliens now.

"I'd like a stand alone third film back to the good old days of The X Files. "

That's what I was hoping for when IWTB came out as I knew it was going to be a standalone. Sadly what we got was a "phoney" relationship soap opera with a vile "unwanted CSI" case as it's backdrop. I think Fox told Carter IWTB had to be a standalone because if IWTB had been a success ( made say $100-$150 million) they would have green lighted 2 or 3 more films with the last one being a mythology alien invasion film for December 2012.

However as IWTB only made $68 million Fox completely lost interest.

Considering what we got I do not see how making another standalone film would be any different to IWTB so I fail to see the point of making a 3rd film for that purpose. Therefore I don't support it.However making a film/or straight to DVD release for the purpose of making an ending to the Mythology is what I do support.

"Unfortunately I feel the show has moved on too much and is defined by its association with conspiracy and aliens now."

But the core of The X Files has always been the aliens and government cover-up. Carter's initial idea for the show came after reading a newspaper article about a survey (early 90's) that most American's believed aliens existed and that the government knew about it. This started him thinking about Roswell (1947) and of government cover-ups.

It was Wong and Morgan who fleshed the idea out to include urban myths and legends thus creating the standalones. That probably turned a show that might have lasted only 2-3 series into one that lasted 7-9 but the alien storyline has always been at it's core.

Oh there are those who will claim that the show is all about Mulder and Scully ( yes that's why it is called The X Files) but why then did the plot based alien film from 1998 make $187 million while the "relationship" standalone film in 2008 made only $68 million ?

The show was always plot based ( or at least it was always supposed to be before it got high jacked) and anyone in any doubt of that fact only need look at the shows name.

It's called The X Files for a reason :)

Richard, do you have a link on any of that you just mentioned? I've both read and indeed always believed that it was the show's creators alone who decided to make an eighth season not the studio. They (the writers) found themselves creatively re-energized during Season 7 and thought they still had gas in the tank for another season... Chris Carter had a three-episode final story arc planned to finish both the season and series overall but changed it when he and Duchovny signed on for another season, it was his choice not forced on him by the studio, as I understand it!

By all accounts, Season 8 was a better and more consistent season overall than it's predecessor, but that is absolutely where they should have ended it, plus the fact they had a solid year to plan out one hell of a great finale for the show but ultimately copped out and put it off for another totally unnecessary ninth season is simply indefensible... at least in my humble opinion!

In the official The X Files Season 10 comics, the story takes place nowadays, and Mulder acknoledges that the colonization hasn't happened yet, so no problem for the third film, shall it happen one day. If it never sees the light of day, the comics sequel is quite good, and so much better than the embarassing second movie...

I agree except for I thought that IWTB was very, very good and even more so misunderstood. It's a minimalistic thriller, while most audience members seem only to expect big, epic EXPLOSIONS. The X-Files can be that, but more often than not it is subtle.

They should have dropped it (at least on television) after five seasons! That was creator/executive producer Chris Carter's plan all along until he took the studio's money to continue the show for another few seasons... and ran it into the ground as a result! Five years on television plus a big-budget theatrical movie to wrap everything up and provide a proper and emotional ending was how TXF was supposed to go down... what a real pity it didn't!

Well, to each his own... I think IWTB could have been a good episode, in the middle of a season, with a 40 minutes lenght. I found it too long for what the story it was telling. I may have been a bit harsh toward it though, I didn't hate it, I just expected way more. I think that standalone movies could be good too, but after the finale of season 9, I just found it ridiculous that Mulder who was condamned with a death sentence would be forgiven for such a case...

The first movie was made at the height of X Files success and the second well after it finished and was out of mainstream consciousness, that's probably got more to do with how well it performed. In fact, one of the reasons they made it standalone was probably so that anyone could watch without having to know all of the shows mythology.

"The first movie was made at the height of X Files success and the second well after it finished and was out of mainstream consciousness, that's probably got more to do with how well it performed. In fact, one of the reasons they made it standalone was probably so that anyone could watch without having to know all of the shows mythology. "
So what caused the X Files to go out of Mainstream consciousness ? Series 8 and 9, Those series cost the show about 2/3rds of it's audience and that seems to have been translated in the cinema takings. ie the franchise has still not recovered from the effect of those two series and I'm not sure it ever will.
My point was that if the success of the show was always down to just Mulder and Scully as shippers claim then people would have flocked back to the cinema regardless of how long The X Files had been out of the Mainstream consciousness. If that was all it took then IWTB should have been able to manage a similar return to FTF but came no where near. There was clearly more to it than that, like a plot for instance. Not that you could ever convince shippers about that, personally I think they must be living in a different world to most people.
There is also a certain irony about the two films.
FTF was a mythology film that stood on it's own. Granted prior knowledge means that you get more out of it but a person who had never seen the show should be able to follow the story.
IWTB works like a soap opera. I you didn't have prior knowledge of series 8 and 9 then a lot of things in the film would be lost on you. Yes Fox wanted a standalone film to sell to the wider public but IWTB does not exactly fit that bill.

Sadly I don't have any internet links. Back in the 90's I got a lot of My X Files news from Non- internet sources." They (the writers) found themselves creatively re-energized during Season 7" That made me laugh, talk about spin. Fox basically told Carter that the show had to continue post series 7 and he could either stay on or they would hand it over to someone else ( probably JJ Abrahams no doubt).No Carter did not have to sign but Fox were planning to continue the show without him. Carter therefore did sign for series 8 (and beyond) and was given a brief to bring in new characters to continue the show up to series 12 without Mulder and Scully. Thus basically creating a next generation spin off but still calling it The X Files. David refused to continue ( as he was out of contract) but Fox agreed to settle his lawsuit out of court in exchange for David agreeing to appear in half of series 8 ( $22 million to lie in a field, nice work if you can get it). Gillian had a 1 year contract extension clause which was included when David and Gillian were offered contract extensions (up to series 7) in 1997 in exchange for equal pay.
The both also signed contracts to appear in a second movie in 1998 ( which at that point was scheduled for a 2001/2002 release).

Series 8 and 9 were effectively a show in it's own right so they were not trying to plan out one hell of a great finale but trying to find ways to extend it for another 3 years after that.

Fox's plans however were scuppered with the Existence "Kiss" something that Ironically wasn't even in the script. David over ruled Carter and Changed it (probably because he fancies Gillian but can't have her). because at that point David not Carter had the final say ( another wonderful decision by the Fox executives to put him in charge). David stated this about the kiss in the press shortly after Existance aired, it was his decision. There was no way back after that and Fox was forced to abandon their plans for series 10, 11 and 12 ,all they could do was hope that when the dust settled they could set it back up as a Movie franchise. Nearly 15 years on (bar IWTB) Fox are still waiting such is the magnitude of what transpired and it's been so long that Fox are more inclined to Reboot The X Files rather than make another film. Short term gain put ahead of long term prosperity. What a tragedy.

You seem to have a serious grudge against "shippers", I hadn't even heard the term until today! The drop in quality of the show certainly led to it's cancellation and the cancellation helped lead to a serious drop in audience at the cinema, all I'm saying is that it's not as simple as mythology v standalone story.

Damn, that was one great reply, Richard, I'd NEVER heard any of that... yet it all sounds so right, I always knew there was a lot of backroom wheeling-and-dealing during Season 7 but I never knew it went as far as you mentioned!

It's just a pity that FOX didn't see the writing on the wall and let them end the show with dignity (and with Carter's intended plan, which was an epic three-episode story arc to finish the season and series) after the seventh season... it would have maintained the show's legacy, instead of it being tarnished as is now.

I think Gerry Mander hit the nail on the head below, Carter always intended his series to end after five seasons and then to make one (if not more) movies, it's a pity indeed he didn't hold to his principles and do just that... that last scene and shot of Season 5, with Mulder and Scully standing there in the burnt-out ruins of the X-Files division is exactly how the series should have ended! Then two films to wrap the saga up as a whole; a big-budget first movie to finish the alien conspiracy storyline and a smaller, more intimate second movie to finish the Samantha storyline... Mulder's journey began with Samantha, and that's where it should have ended.

But remember, the charges against him were bogus and the trial an illegal one. Scully had physical evidence that Mulder did not murder anyone, yet it was ignored. In IWTB it is six years later, and things have simply cooled off. The chess masters have grown bored and want Mulder back in the game.

Well Shippers are people ( mainly women ) who wanted Mulder and Scully to have a romantic /sexual relationship when it was supposed to be Platonic. They actively campaigned for changes to be made to the show to appease their views and the longer the show went on the more their views had an influence. The show stopped focusing on the plot and became more and more about the lives and interpersonal relationships of the characters.This was one of the main reasons for the loss of quality and thus the loss of audience. The whole Scully pregnancy/baby scam ( and existence "Kiss")caused so much resentment that a lot of people stopped watching and are unlikely ever to come back. That entire storyline was simply about keeping shippers watching while David was not around and did far more harm than good.
In fact IWTB turned out to be exactly the type of version of The X Files that shippers had been campaigning for. So where were all the shippers? because it flopped.
So yes I do have a serious grudge against shippers ( with good reason) and make no apologies for that.

Well... You're probably right, but I have issues to accept that a conspiration that hide an alien invasion would simply forgive that Mulder found evidences against them just to catch a serial killer...

What actually what went wrong with IWTBs box office was an extremely horrible marketing campaign. I spoke to many people who didn't even know the movie existed when it was released, and the ads lacked conviction. Plus it really should have been released in the winter. The X-Files always took place in real time (like how FTF took place in the same summer it was released), and I think that this did not mesh well with the audiences' subconscious.

But as for your rants against shippers and the Mulder and Scully romance I couldn't disagree more. Their love story was always in the subtext, and began to emerge more and more starting with FTF. I found their feelings for one another to be very honest to the story. Would you really expect two single, attractive young people who spend the majority of their time with one another and experience constant strife together to not fall in love? Plus you have been unable to back up any of what you've stated with actual sources. Other than your own bitter cynicism that is.

Do you realize what an ignorant sexist you are?

but most shippers are women, I don't have anything against women.
just that these women where campaigning to change the very nature of the show. I fail to see how it is ignorant or sexist to speak the truth.

"Would you really expect two single, attractive young people who spend the majority of their time with one another and experience constant strife together to not fall in love?"
Well Chris Carter did. When they set up the show Carter decided to go down the platonic route. During series one the show was under threat of cancelation and Fox wanted Mulder and Scully to have sex in order to boost rating Carter refused. (although I do wonder if Carter has maybe taken more credit for things than he might actually be due) He made Mulder and Scully like brother and sister and made them Buddy cops. Basically they were meant to be like Starsky and Hutch, Cagney and Lacy or even Michael knight and Kitt. If you make Mulder and Scully a couple then it isn't really The X Files. It wasn't meant to be Moonlighting , The New adventures of Superman or Castle. Now if you think that unrealistic then fine that is your opinion but that is the show that was created and how it was defined.

It's disappointing that all involved will not settle for anything less than a movie. At this point, The X-Files is not going to get the budget for the kind of movie they want to do. Their best bet would probably be doing a mini-series like 24. I would even prefer this as we would get more story.

With this news that Anderson is booked up for a couple of years, I think it's really just time to accept that it isn't going to happen. Fox don't seem interested to do anything with The X-Files now, I doubt waiting another few years when the lead actor will be pushing 60 will change that.

Reality is a necessity in looking at this issue. If the actors won't be available until at least 2016, any film or mini-series is unlikely. The most successful sic-fi series in US history could be a source for further shows or films, but if Fox (the holder of the rights) is not wanting to invest money, then it won't happen until they are ready, if ever.
The X-Files series was full of great acting, excellent writing, and production quality more representative of feature-length films than any TV series. Many actors whom we now see on the screens made their mark in this series.
The first X-Files film was an outstanding piece of work with a tie to the series. However, because Fox balked for a long time, the second film was a good story, but released way too long after the series ended in 2002. To release a new film at this late date with the same actors will show them at an age where involvement in FBI cases might be a stretch in the real world, most especially due to the facts that both Mulder and Scully left the FBI under suspicious circumstances. (Of course, there were threads left open with the final episode of Season 9 that could allow their return, but if so, then IWTB should have shown that and not that they were living outside of the FBI.)
In the end, this excellent series may never again see the light of day. The series mixed the mythology so well with the (more or less) stand-alone stories that they could not survive without each other. Personally, I would like to see a mini-series to continue the mythology line, as that is where the series ended with so many loose ends. To be honest, few people read the comic series and that storyline is not actually relevant to anything which could ever make sense for the live-action on the screen, although some parts could be used, such as the resistance of the 2012 colonization, maybe using flashbacks to handle their work.
Is the X-FIles supposed to die here? Well, we shall see if the series can get up and fight the fight to produce more stories. New main characters will someday need to be introduced... just as in Star Trek.

Your right, but Anderson said a limited series is not an options.

The X Files movie franchise could have the ultimate savior: VINCE GILLIGAN. If he was the writer for a brand new stand alone X Files movie, it would have a huge audience. Not only would he get all of us hard core X Files fans, but Breaking Bad fans would watch to see the latest creation from the Mad Genius. Then throw in ordinary moviegoers and pile in some folks who would have a particular interest in whatever the plot happened to be, market the hell out of it, and don't open it up against other strong movies (I Want to Believe went up against The Dark Knight), and you would have a giant shot of steroids for the X Files brand leaving everyone wanting more. All of the sudden FOX is begging for more movies and a real discussion about rebooting the show can begin. Get VINCE!

What's the difficulty in setting the new film up as a post-colonization story or even set the story clocks back to the very point of colonization. Fox Mulder could have easily said "I told you so, but it's too late now!"

Dear, Chris Carter. I don't care anymore. I'm burned out on waiting.

They really should take advantage of Gilligan. Think of his greatest episodes and imagine a movie of that quality.

I also think it would have been cool if they did a straight-up horror movie. Something like the "Home" episode, but feature-length. Or maybe like The Conjuring with Mulder and Scully investigating a haunting. I think that would also bring more casual fans to the theaters than something like I Want To Believe.

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