David Duchovny talks about the possibility of a third X-Files film

News Glen Chapman 13 Aug 2012 - 07:00
X-Files: I Want To Believe

Following up on producer Frank Spotnitz's recent comments, Duchovny shares his views on the potential project.

We recently reported on X-Files producer Frank Spotnitz sharing his views on a potential third X-Files film, and now Collider have managed to discuss the matter with David Duchovny. Duchovny was promoting his latest film, Goats, which sees the actor sporting a rather smashing beard.

Here's what Mulder himself had to say about the prospect of a third X-Files film: "Do you know something I don’t know? Am I dying? No. That book doesn’t close until somebody dies, really. One of the greatnesses of the show was its open-endedness. It was about possibility. It wasn’t about closure. It just couldn’t be. There is no such thing as that story ever ending. Those characters are forever searching. That’s what they do. Even if we’re not watching them, they’re out there, in some dimension. Mulder and Scully are still doing their thing because that’s their nature.”

He added, "I would love to do another film, or more. I think we’re all game for it. I know I’m kind of perplexed that Fox isn’t more [enthusiastic]. Here’s a homegrown property that you don’t have to go buy, like fuckin’ Green Lantern or something, to make it. Here you’ve got an actual action franchise that’s your own. It’s weird to me, but I’m not an executive. I don’t know if they made the Green Lantern either [Fox didn't, Warner Bros did], but I’m just using that as an example of, 'Why make that film? Why not make a homegrown franchise that is excellent, and that has proven to be excellent and interesting?' I don’t get it, but that’s not my business.”

"I think Chris Carter is probably working on an idea, so we’ll see. Unfortunately, with the last one, they didn’t spend the money to compete in a summer fashion, and they brought it out in the summer. It should be a summer film. It should be an action film. But, the last one we made was not. The last one we made was a dark, contemplative, small $25 million film. It was basically an independent film. When you come out against Batman, it’s not going to happen. You’re not going to be sold as an independent film, and you’re not going to compete against Batman with $25 million".

I still remain unconvinced that a third film is a viable option at this point. If they're really intent on revisiting the characters, a new TV series could be the better way to go – perhaps even a few made-for-TV specials to see if a sizeable audience could still be captured.

Is there still an appetite for X-Files after all these years? The truth is out there...


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I will go. I want to see it. I agree though they need to go BIG.

I don't remember the X-Files ever being an action show. It was all about conspiracies and weird shady stuff being kept quiet wasn't it? I don't understand how you could make a big action X-files that's true to the TV series or the characters. Have a big alien invasion and find out that in the gap since the last film Mulder and Scully worked on becoming a pair of ace fighter pilots?

Also, isn't the reason no one at the studio wants to make a new one because the last one wasn't hugely expensive and was still massively ignored and considered a flop commercially and an artistic disappointment?

I'm not flaming on the X-files, I have nothing against it, but if I was working at FOX I wouldn't be fighting for a new installment either. I'd also hate myself for working for Rupert Murdoch.

Totally agree.

BIG in terms of idea and quality, not in terms of LOUD though. The X-Files was always a little bit smarter than people gave it credit for (initially). I'd love to see another X-Files movie, but I'd much rather see a new series.

If Mulder/Scully were called back to dig into some more unexplained/conspiracy stuff - perhaps pick up on a loose end from a previous episode, then I'd go see a movie. For me though, the X-Files was at its best when it was about the outcasts/misfits of the FBI out there, in search of the truth - and in particular trying to uncover a huge, shadow government conspiracy or two. I'm not sure you could bring a new audience up to speed quickly enough for that to work in a movie. I'd pay to see them try though.

Maybe Duchovny just means in comparison to the last film, in which practically nothing happened. Not a balls out action flick, but at least a movie where they don't stop to talk about 'why they believe' every 15 minutes or so...

If they stopped talking every fifteen minutes on why or whether they believed, they wouldn't have made more than two seasons of the series, because that's all they did from mid-second season onward. That being said, the 'Colony'/'End Game' Season 2 two-parter and the 'Anasazi'/'Blessing Way'/'Paper Clip' three-parter that ended Season 2 and began Season 3 were both that show at it's very best, but they were the exception not the rule and it never reached those heights again (some individual occasional good episodes notwithstanding), although '...Fight The Future' was all things considered a thoroughly decent and solid big-screen venture that felt more like something from the first season than the increasingly pretentious, ponderous, and ludicrous stories from the aforementioned mid-Season 2-point onward, but that movie was the last gasp of a franchise before it essentially keeled over and died, it's just a pity it took another four years for it's heart to actually stop beating...

In my humble opinion, the first season still ranks as by far the best season of that entire series' run; it was the purest, the least pretentious, and the stories were much more engaging (both emotionally and dramatically) than those that followed, mostly because the writer's used their best material for that first season, not thinking they would get a second. 'The X Files' was at most a two-season (and one movie) saga that was dragged out for seven years and one movie (the mediocre and decidedly un-X-Files second one) too long, the very idea of Scully remaining a skeptic past the first season (after everything she saw) was simply ludicrous and stretched credulity, not to mention credibility, of that show well past breaking point, if the second season had turned it's two protagonist's personal philosophical positions on their head and seen Scully's skepticism crumble whilst simultaneously Mulder questions his own beliefs and future in the FBI with the X-Files division permanently closed down, it would have made things a little more credible, but alas... that franchise is dead, long dead, best not to dig it's rather decomposed corpse up again, it's starting to stink, 'nuff said.

I have just finished rewatching the xfiles series and movies, my 14year old loved it. They should go back to making the series, forget about movies. There is a whole new generation like my daughter that would become new fans as there is nothing like this series out there

I'm actually watching these through at the moment, having only seen odds and ends of them back in the day.

The first few seasons were pretty damn good. Tight plots, great supporting cast and fun ideas.

Then we get to S06 with the Bermuda triangle Nazis dream and the UFO that causes body swapping to occur due to a malfunction... it just feels quite ludicrous.

Also has anyone ever noticed that the "comedic" episodes in those first 4 or 5 series generally seem to be centred on some form of rape or perceived rape? The Post-Modern Prometheus episode, the one with the janitor in the fertility clinic who could change his face, the inbred hick boys with their mom who has no limbs.

That show had very messed up gender politics.

Oh yeah - the film..

No one's gonna do a $250m film, but if something new did come out I'd probably watch it.

If they could get Darin Morgan to write it, I would definitely see it in a theater.

Now, I hate the lazy flood of remakes, but this concept lends itself to another series. New agents assigned to the dept. that sort of thing. Maybe you even have mulder gone years ago, and skully runs the dept now, but has to 'play nice', so she recruits people like mulder, who will push the edges.


If you want to play with the Big Boys you must play with that kind of money. Bring on the Third and make it an epic. If you build it, the Truth will come!

Damn, I really hope they go ahead and make a 3rd, I just cant imagine why they haven't yet. There are so many X-Files fans, and fans of both the lead actors. A whole nother generation are watching reruns and falling in love with the show. It IS time for a come back of X-Files and yeah, it will do great and bring in plenty of cash. Please, make a 3rd movie FOX, heck maybe even a 4th too!

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