Is The X-Files 3 happening in 2012?

News Simon Brew 6 Sep 2011 - 07:13
The X-Files

Has Gillian Anderson just let the cat of the bag about a third X-Files movie, possibly arriving next year?

As she does promotional work for the upcoming, and, er, hugely anticipated Johnny English sequel, Gillian Anderson has been over in Australia. More to the point, she’s been talking to Kylie Speer, who is a presenter on Sunrise, an Australian breakfast show.

Presumably, as is the way with these things, the interview itself is embargoed and kept under wraps until closer to the film’s release. But Speer Tweeted out a significant teaser from it, that suggests a third X-Files film might, suddenly, be back on the cards.

“Just interviewed Gillian Anderson”, she wrote. “She is super stunning in real life and said she hopes a new #X-Files 2012 movie will be out next year!”


So let’s just take a moment with that, then. Firstly, there’s been chatter about a further X-Files film ever since I Want To Believe (which we quite liked, but it had its fair share of problems) bombed at cinemas back in 2008. Most of that talk has come from David Duchovny, but there’s been little sign of much substance to it. However, doing a third film for 2012 has narrative advantages, and if that Tweet is correct, and that a new film is out next year, that means work is going to have to start in earnest very quickly.

Appreciating that The X-Files 3 is likely to be a low budget affair, it’d still need to be before the cameras by Easter at the very latest to stand a chance of an end of 2012 release. That, though, would see the film on a Paranormal Activity-esque schedule, and more likely, a shoot at the start of 2012 would be more likely.

So will it happen? We hope so, but will believe it when we see it. It certainly feels like a long shot. We’ll certainly keep you posted as we hear more, or otherwise, about it.


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Looks like a no, and a shame too.

If the movie doesn't happen this year then I'm done with the franchise. This cat and mouse game with Chris Carter and the studio has pissed me off to the point I hardly care anymore.

they should leave the X0files alone it had its day when it used to be worth setting your video recorder for! it went down hill from around the 7th series! chris carter dragged it out to long with 9 series! and the super soldier plot line was dire!!! spoiled the whole show for me specially when they changed the charcters over!

The x files will seem past its sell date but let me tell u those so called fans who say that are well....just not fan enough for me they could release an x files movie with scully and mulder doing the can can with aliens doing the same in the back ground for 1 and a half hours and I'd still go cinema to see it BRING BACK X FILES!!!

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