The X-Files 3 back on the cards?

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8 Nov 2010 - 07:08
The X Files: He Wants to Believe

Fresh hope for a third X-Files movie temporarily rises, and then appears to fall once more…

It's been a couple of years now since The X-Files: I Want To Believe came and went, barely making a dent at the box office and seemingly taking the future hopes of the franchise with it. Yet, David Duchovny has been insistent for some time that a third film would be on the way, and he's reaffirmed that with a new interview he's given to France's TVMag, which has been translated over at XFilesNews.

The English translation that is cited reads:

"It is being written. It looks just ahead of Fox, a little scalded by the relatively poor reception of the second component. The error comes, I believe that the authors had strayed too far from the very roots of the series. Moreover, the film was released in summer. The third will be much closer to what the public expects, with government conspiracies, etc."

It isn't a completely smooth translation (although it's a darn sight better than ours), but the gist here is clear. A script is being put together, which you presume that Fox would know about, and our guess is that if a third X-Files film could be put together relatively cheaply (and there's no reason why it couildn't), then there's a sporting chance that all concerned may return for one last stab.

That said, over at Latino Review, the story appears to have been nixed already. Duchovny's public relation rep clarified that the actor wasn't aware of a working script for the film.

Again, though, we wouldn't write this one off altogether, but it's still something of a long shot.

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