Edgar Wright on The World's End

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4 Feb 2013 - 07:13

Edgar Wright has been chatting about the concluding instalment of his Cornetto trilogy, The World's End...

Arriving later this year is the final part in the Cornetto trilogy, The World's End. Simon Pegg and Edgar Wright are reuniting for the film, along with Nick Frost, which will join Shaun Of The Dead and Hot Fuzz in what promises to be a really rather special boxset.

But what's The World's End all about? Edgar Wright has been chatting to IGN about that very subject.

“It's a boy's night out movie gone wrong, Shaun was about where we live – our neighbourhood in North London. And then Hot Fuzz was about going back home. Home for me and Simon in terms of a small town. But this one is about looking backwards. It's more nostalgic. I think a lot about my adolescence. I think a lot about my adolescence and my teenage years and the things I'd do differently. I have grand fantasies of going back in time and doing things better. Back to when I was 15 or 16. So there's an element of that – whether it's healthy to look or go backwards. That's kind of what the film is.”

He then went on to discuss how it fits in with the trilogy and what else it's similar to. “I think this one is our way of wrapping up, with some formality, the man-child aspect of the series. There's an element within all of the movies that's about growing up. Shaun has to grow up to be a hero. In Hot Fuzz Nick Angel has to dumb down to Andy's level to save the day.”

“There's a lot of American comedies in the last ten years that have been about man-children or dealing with responsibility. But I feel that they never get too deep under the surface. They bring up some aspects but don't delve into them very deeply. And I think here we tried to skewer those movies in a sense.”

The World's End is out on August 14th, and we'll bring you more news on it when it's available.


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