Writer hired for the Wolverine sequel

News Simon Brew
24 Mar 2014 - 06:14

David James Kelly is the man who's set to pen the next standalone adventure for Hugh Jackman's Wolverine...

Last week, we learned a release date for the next film in the standalone Wolverine series of movies. The next movie is set to appear on March 3rd 2017. Hugh Jackman is expected to reprise the role for what would be the eighth time, and James Mangold, who helmed The Wolverine, is on board to direct this one too.

Now we know who's got the job of penning the screenplay. David James Kelly is the man who's been hired to tackle the job, and once he's done on the new Wolverine, he's also got the screenplay for the graphic novel Mind Mgmt to pen too.

Which direction the film is set to head in isn't yet clear - we don't know where X-Men: Days Of Future Past will leave Wolverine yet - but as we hear more, we'll let you know...


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