Director James Mangold on where next for The Wolverine

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4 Dec 2013 - 06:25

James Mangold has been chatting about his plans for the next Wolverine movie, starring Hugh Jackman...

Last summer's The Wolverine movie, in spite of a few problems, turned out to be the second most successful X-Men movie to date at the worldwide box office. It's not budged, er, Brett Ratner's X-Men: The Last Stand from first place there, but it had a good go.

As such, Fox is already looking for another Wolverine movie, and it's re-recruiting director James Mangold to make it. This hasn't been made official yet, but in a new interview with The Wall Street Journal, he's been talking about the last film and the next one.

Recalling his pitch to Fox that landed him The Wolverine job in the first place, Mangold said that "I told them I was interested in making a movie about someone who feels like anyone they love will die, not only that they are cursed but that anyone they become attached to becomes cursed. That film was about Logan’s jaundiced view of society".

So where next? What can be expect from the next Wolverine film? "I would just say it is always going to be about his relationships to other characters. We are very much trying to work with existing text. There are other great Wolverine stories out there but suffice it to say there are great texts about his connections to others, villains, characters from the lore and from the comics that we can bring out and have another great and meaningful adventure", Mangold said.

Mangold also revealed that the focus is likely to remain more on character development over big action scenes. "The simple thing is when the world is in danger", he said. "I think it is a cheat that a lot of movies to to create stakes, about how the world will blow up or a stadium or a planet or a region will blow up is x and y doesn't happen by this time. Much more than the genre being tired, when every movie's about the destruction of the universe or the globe, it makes it hard to tell a meaningful story when the scale gets so huge".

We've written before on the same point, and agree with Mr Mangold there.

There's no timescale yet on the next Wolverine movie. Our guess would be Fox is looking to have it ready for 2016 at the latest.

Wall Street Journal.

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