First trailer for The Wolverine

News Simon Brew 27 Mar 2013 - 13:00

Hugh Jackman stars in the latest X-Men spin-off, The Wolverine. Here, at last, is the first full trailer...

Finally. After a week that's seen us 'teasted' with Hollywood marketing's latest curse, trailers for trailers, we finally get a full promo for the eagerly-awaited The Wolverine.

The film sees Hugh Jackman reprising his most famous role, with James Mangold directing the movie. And this first trailer straight away suggests that talk about The Wolverine distancing itself from X-Men Origins: Wolverine was not off the mark. We've been told lots of times that this is a standalone movie, and there's certainly ample proof here.

Some have questioned why the first trailer is arriving comparably close to the release of the film itself. After all, big blockbusters seem to get their first trailer anywhere up to a year in advance. But we're reminded that the first promo for Dredd was close to release, and questions over that film were firmly answered when the movie was released.

So then: here it is. The first trailer for The Wolverine. And we remain, after seeing it, just as upbeat about watching the movie.

The Wolverine arrives in cinemas in July...

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Lady Deathstrike?


in what world did Wolverine lose his powers in Japan?

Was that it??

Really don't know what to think! Not sure if it was bad or good!!

In 3D? Not interested.

I think they covered that in X-Men 2.

I wonder if the sequel to X-Men: First Class, X-Men: Days of Future Past, is going to make this story irrelevant. Rumors are that Bryan Singer wants to "reset" or "rewrite" the timeline that X-Men 3 screwed up, allowing for some of the main characters to come back.

Maybe one day we will get a real Wolverine movie.

Isn't that how almost every movie trailer is? X-Men 3 sure did look good in the trailer..........bleh

I think Wolverine needs to stop for a good 10 years and get a new actor to become fresh and new.
Hugh was good for X1&X2 but now his face is annoying and tedious.

It would be nice if Marvel/Disney got the rights back, then they could reboot the series in the Avengers movie universe.

That would also work yes!

Still want a new actor though... (;

First Class got the X films back on track. Hope this continues the upward climb.

This looks very intriguing. A disillusioned Wolverine, in a journey to his past in futuristic Japan, an ultimate change in his existential circumstance, or not, two enigmatic female characters ... Already a vast improvement on the first Wolverine picture.

All in a proper trailer, two and a half minutes instead of this 30-second disconnected snippet TV spot stuff.

I like it.

I agree. A reboot would cast all new actors.

Since Lauren Shuler Donner is producer of The Wolverine AND of X-Men Days of Future Past, that is not happening.

We don't know whether he does or not. Doesn't look like this is just a regurgitation of a comic book.

She looked pretty dead to me in X2.

Hugh Jackman as Wolverine is the biggest box office draw in the X-Men franchise.

That must be what called everyone to see First Class. (;
There is a wealth of mutants that people want to see, I wasn't even bothered about Wolverine, just obviously cool he was there.
(For me it was:
X1 - Xmen!!
X2 - Nightcrawler & Pyro (although this was the best Wolverine performance)
X3 - Angel (how lame was he?!) & Beast
Origins - Deadpool (lame..) & Gambit (biggest disappointment ever..)

And I nearly walked out with my kid sister when his cameo came in Class and he dropped the F bomb!! Not needed AT all!)

Disappointed. Hasn't his back-story/origin/revenge been done enough now? I was hoping for an original story not involving his "personal issues" as thats getting a bit old.

Actually, First Class, which I loved, underperformed tremendously at the box office.

It took them a long time to greenlight the sequel.

You may have almost walked out on the Wolverine cameo but it got a big laugh when both times when I saw it in the theater, as well as good notice from the critics.

So was William Shatner as Captain Kirk. People get old, life goes on...

Co-exist in the same Marvel Movie Universe would be awesome, as long as they don't overdo the team-ups and they work to keep things consistent.

Jackman is in fabulous shape, certainly far better than anyone posting here.

Bryan Singer has already said in an interview that he was going to "fix" some of those mistakes made in X3 and implied it had to do with some of the characters that were killed.

It's all hopeful speculation. I just feel the franchise has been pretty inconsistent and Wolverine: Origins really mucked it up. This new one looks very promising.

What I said is that Days of Future Past is not going to make this story irrelevant."

Lauren Shuler Donner, who hired Singer, is the producer of both pictures.

I absolutely agree that "Origins" was dreadful. The only X-Men movie I refuse to buy.

Err, I'm sorry dickhead, but have you actually seen anybody here? I'm in great shape, and I'm no 20 something either.
Not everyone is a fat tub of lard mate!!!

That's an outrageous statement and such a bad stereotype! But I'm sure it's 100% true. Plus he probably sings better than all of us.

I think X3 and Origins just soured a lot of people. He does play the character well. But that hairdo in X3, it was comical.

Watch the 2d version then. Simple

"Dickhead?" Work on that anger management, else you will find yourself in trouble in the real world.

You may or may not be in great shape, but I'm quite sure you are in no way comparable to the shape that Jackman is in. Very few people are.

Some day, I would like to get the real story of how Hugh Jackman went from lighting up the stage in the London show of "Oklahoma!" to starring in X-Men.

Honestly, if they decide to use this as a "timeline altering tool" like the new Star Trek series. It could make the first 3 X-Men movies and this new one "irrelevant" as far as a new timeline is concerned. Just enjoy it for what it is, a movie telling a story.

Sup Will, gotta agree with ya, first class sealed the deal for me. And as for the f bomb, I have yet to let my son watch this, what with the lingerie and illusion seductions and all, but it's back to the ol cover your eyes while I fast forward once I do let him watch it. Back to first class, it was already a reboot without rebooting in a way, and if this and days of future past are awesome, then lets keep jackman. Sure, I'd love to see civil war and avengers vs xmen and all that, but I think fox is redeeming itself with the franchise. No need for all mutants to reboot just yet. The fact that FF will be in this universe rather than avengers is weird to me though

By the look of that poster it'd take a few trips to the photoshop man to get his body....

I'm in competitive shape and would beat you all, just sayin'..

Taste + teased?

I suppose anything is possible, but JJ certainly isn't producing other Star Trek movies in other timelines.

Studios tend to frown on confusing their audiences.

The key is that Lauren Shuler Donner is the consistent producer in the franchise. She hired Bryan Singer the first time, lost him when he went to that fairly forgettable Superman movie, and brought him back this time.

Aren't you used to being called 'Dick' William??

One of the few things I liked about the movie was casting Ryan Reynolds as Dead Pool. I think he's at his best when he plays a smart ass. Unfortunately, I hated how they portrayed Dead Pool.

You know, I can't really tell what that picture is, but I have a feeling I don't want to know.

As for you, clearly, superheroes of the world, beware! :)

Not by anyone who knows me.

Yeah I heard the teens giggling too.

I wasn't smart and it wasn't clever.
But then again, I am fully against the use of 'bad' swear words in 12 rated movies, it's ridiculous.

Gimme a properly rated movie with lots a swearing and I'll not even flinch!

Yeah, but they weren't teens in the movie theaters I was in laughing out loud at the Wolverine bit.

Aren't all geeks "dickheads" in various degrees? What's the true definition of "dickhead" anyways? Certainly not a penis shaped skull.

Hey, that is a racy picture with Rosie Byrne (I hope she turns up again) stripping down on the street in Vegas and J. Jones flouncing throughout. One little "fuck" -- which kids hear all the time -- is the least of it.

I really liked the young Prof X (who is my favorite character, along with Jean Grey) and Magneto in First Class. MacAvoy and Fassbender were terrific.

That would be no.

I bench 315 3 sets, 5,4, and 3 reps, 275 for sets of 12, yet my gut precedes my reputation, no cardio and no diet. Arms 16.5 in., 17 on a good day, they actually look small compared to my chest shoulders and traps. I see my abs in the morning then they're magically gone til the next morning. Also, who cares? I'll never be the rock or jackman and really just want to enjoy the movies that they're in, unlike when I was skinny and wanted to BE Arnold.

Yeah, that was good.

Looks pretty decent. At least watchable (which Origins was NOT). Although some of the effects still look APPALLING. I.e... The Train.

Meh. Wolverine is boring now that we live in a world where we get Thor, Cap, Iron Man etc. Hugh Jackman hasn't brought anything knew to Wolverine since he did X-Men and it hasn't aged well.

My kids wouldn't even recognize it as profanity because they never hear it. They say "ooooh, that's a bad word" when I say hate or stupid. Sure the world will change that, nothing I can do about that, seeing as they start school this year, but for now I am king. Back to xmen, maybe macavoy and fassbender decide they like the future and stay in it, so we don't have to relive the 70's and 80's, as much as I like the old guys, the new guys have to take their place. I wanna see apocalypse and bishop. Hope he gets a hair cut though cuz that Jerry curl is a bit too vampire in Brooklyn for me

And don't forget Kevin bacon, man he was great

I'm significantly less interested in seeing this than I was before...

They need to completely overhall the X-Men movie franchise rather than just keep pumping out random films that only loosely tie in with what came before.
I've never been a massive fan of the X-Men films and I don't think any of them have ever got it right.
It seems like the studio is just clutcing at straws and have been since The Last Stand.

im already annoyed that their mixing hydra up with this story, tell me they arnt changing vipers powers as well.

Dropped the F bomb? How quaint.


I liked it thumbs up from me! a definite improvement over origins

oh, please don't go the Superman II route having the protagonist willingly lose his powers only to regret it seconds later when his love interest's in peril.

Yes, but that would preclude making a pretentious judgement to show what a "film buff" he is.

Nice shot of the Picton Hotel at 0:12. Drive past it everyday to and from work. Though I don't remember those mountains lol. Hugh Jackman seems like a fan of the Camden/Wollindilly area. I still remember them closing off one if the main streets for that shot as we drive past.

Very unlikely considering the deal they have with Fox. As long as Fox keeps making movies, they keep the rights.

You should probably look at movie ratings and realize that they can say the F word in PG13 movies. Which if you have a problem with that, you should not have taken your kid sister to this film

Indy 4's trailer looked epic and like everything an Indy movie should be, then a fridge got nuked and Shia played with monkeys...

You mean 12A?
And I do realise*, it just disgusts me.

I can't wait to see it ! I love the X Men movie series !!

NO! Wolervine is a Tarantino badass - a certificate 18 killer - not spandex clad kiddie-film filler. He has a healing factor, but you know the one injury Wolverine can't recover from? Overexposure.

That is all.


Ooooh. I was actually nervous before I hit the PLAY arrow. I want this to be good so I have at least one movie to look forward to this year. Looked sound enough to me. As long as an X-Men movie doesn't kill Cyclops in the first act it gets a thumbs-up from me.


Looks great..makes me want to watch Wolverine (The first one) right now.

Great, a fifth Wolverine movie.

Still, this looks interesting, though what was Wolverine doing at Hiroshima? I know he was with the Canadian army in Europe fighting, no?

Get your facts right it can't be hydra as the movie rights belong to Marvel/Disney (See Captain America). Most likely its the Hand as they operate out of Japan anyway

I just was curious when you said JJ isn't producing other Star Trek movies in other timelines. And I didn't want to misunderstand you. The movie that he just made was just that, it was meant to alter the history of the original Star Trek and the other series as well. I heard early on they didn't want to be tied to the original canon, but they didn't want to drive away die hard fans.

Don't get too excited just yet. How many times have we all been burned by a flashy movie trailer.

You've thoroughly misunderstood me. Everyone knows that the Trek reboot is in an alternate timeline.

JJ is not producing Star Trek movies in different timelines.

Ok, I figured as much. You seem to have a good grasp of sci-fi/geek movies. Yeah, I get that about JJ. As far as X-Men is concerned, I hope it goes well.

I've seen practically every episode of Star Trek. Including Voyager ... :(

Those other franchises have more moving parts than Star Trek, at least so long as Trek doesn't start trying to integrate different shows into one pot.

Can't be the hand cuz daredevil and Electra reverted to Disney last year

This would be cool if the antagonist made Logan go berserker with taunts like "Do you still think about her? Do you remember the sound she made when I stuuckk her,"

My bad, your on the money there

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