First trailer: Martin Scorsese's The Wolf Of Wall Street

Trailer Simon Brew 17 Jun 2013 - 07:03

Leonardo DiCaprio reunites with Martin Scorsese for The Wolf Of Wall Street. Here's the first trailer...

Arriving this November, in an Oscar-friendly release window, is Martin Scorsese's latest movie, The Wolf Of Wall Street. The film sees him reunite with Leonard DiCaprio, in the tale of a New York stockbroker, a big fraud, the mob, Jonah Hill and a shirted Matthew McConaughey.

The first trailer gives us a glimpse of what to expect, and it's looking really quite interesting already. Might this be the moment where DiCaprio finally goes from Oscar nominee to Oscar winner, we wonder?

We'll leave you to ponder that. You can find the trailer right below these words...

The Wolf On Wall Street arrives in the US in November, and in the UK on 17th January 2014. Bah.

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looks like american psycho with none of the murders

I didn't realise Oliver Stone had changed his name to Martin Scorsese. This could become very confusing.

Can they please stop casting Jonah Hill in things?


Hey he's not a bad actor under a decent director. He was good in Moneyball. Anyway this looks like a fun version of wall street :)

"A shirted Matthew McConaughey"? I don't believe you! In his recent film, Mud, it was seriously a major plot point that he NEVER TOOK HIS SHIRT OFF. Then guess what happened during a climactic moment...

I love Leo acting like a arrogant, smarmy asshole, he does it so well. That opening line about not making $1m a week... Nailed it!

He's actually a good actor.

Check out 'Cyrus' and you may change your opinion on him.

Looks dumb. Hope trailer is not actually representative of movie.

This movie looks completely nuts. I may have to watch it about five or six times

I don't know if Leo will now go from Oscar nominee to Oscar winner in what essentially is him acting an average day in his life. Let me see big boats, check, expensive cars, check, hot ladies, check. Hmm sounds like a normal Hollywood stars life.

this looks like the most fun Scorsese has had since 1986 (After Hours)

big fan of scorsese but not feeling this at all... let me guess, it all goes wrong kinda thing... the acting seems pretty forced and not a great cast. hope I'm proven wrong though :D

That's a Scorsese film?really!!
looks fun, but jeez its a long long way from mean streets, taxi driver, raging bull....

Looks more like a silly comedy than something on the level of a white-collar 'Casino'. In fact, the tone of the trailer is not much different from that awful 'Pain and Gain' film. A sad day when indeed when a Bay movie and a Scorsese one seem interchangeable.

I have a feeling that they're purposefully trying to give the wrong impression of what type of film this will be. It looks like a feelgood comedy about how awesome it is to make money, but possibly it will focus much more on the draining effects of a hard partying lifestyle.

What is with the staggered release dates? November in the US, mid-January in the UK?

Looks funny, but im not sure its supposed to be...!

Sad day? You do realise that films nowadays have numerous trailers, each one catering to a different audience/portraying a different aspect of the film. Stupid to say on the basis of this trailer that "Bay movie and a Scorsese one seem interchangeable"

So was Hugo. Is a director only allowed to make one type of movie again & again?

hugo was pretty lame,
I was mainly getting at the drop in quality of his movies, from generation leading cinema auture to Hollywood director for hire,
his films are still better quality than most, but he's lost that bit of magic that made his earlier work special.

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