Three new Transporter movies planned, without Statham

News Simon Brew
7 Feb 2014 - 11:29

Transporter 4, Transporter 5 and Transporter 6 are apparently on the way. Without Jason Statham,

We're playing good cop, bad cop with this story. Good cop: plans are afoot for three new The Transporter movies! Bad cop: none of them will have The Statham in them.

Instead, the idea is to do the origin story of his character, Frank Martin, and recast the role.

It is our job to remain professional, and not to let our feelings show through when we're reporting stories such as this, and rest assured we're fully going to be behave ourselves.

The Transporter 4, which will be made without The Statham for fuc...oops nearly, will be a Chinese co-production, and if it does well - in spite of not having The Statham in it - the two further sequels will be activated.

Jason Statham will not be appearing in these films.

There's no release date that we know of for the Statham-less Transporter 4 WHATKINDOFBLOODYIDIOTMAKESATRANSPORTERFILMWITHOUT STATHAMSORRY but when we have one, we'll think about passing the news on.

The first three Transporter movies, all of which star Jason Statham, are available in a very attractive boxset.


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