Director Josh Boone on three hour, R-rated The Stand movie

News Simon Brew
6 Jun 2014 - 07:20

Stephen King's The Stand is heading to the big screen - and its director doesn't look like he's taking the easy way out...

Stephen King's The Stand is a very long book. Running to over 1300 pages in its paperback edition, we wouldn't be surprised if it needed two Amazon Kindles to hold the full text of it. As such, the sole screen adaptation of The Stand to date was a television miniseries, which featured Gary Sinise and Molly Ringwald. That managed to get the story down to six hours, and thus when a new feature film date of The Stand was announced, there were eyebrows raised as to just how to fit it all into a movie.

The answer, according to its director, Josh Boone, is to make a very long movie.

Whilst promoting his new film, The Fault In Our Stars, Boone confirmed his plans for The Stand. "We're gonna do one three-hour R-rated version with an amazing A-list cast across the board", Boone said. Furthermore, "every single one of those characters will be somebody you recognise and somebody you relate to. And it’s gonna be awesome. I’m really excited. It’s the most exciting thing I’ve ever got to do in my entire life".

Even getting King's text down to a three hour movie is a challenge, but the idea of at least giving the film room to breathe a little, and not shirking the R-rating, is a step forward. More as we hear it...


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