Mark Wahlberg linked to The Six Million Dollar Man

News Simon Brew 3 Jul 2014 - 06:26

Peter Berg and Mark Wahlberg, off the back of Lone Survivor, may reunite for The Six Million Dollar Man...

Crikey, here's one that's been in development hell for a while. The path to getting a modern movie of The Six Million Dollar Man made - based on the TV series of the same - has been a troubled one, dating back to the mid-1990s. But the story of Steve Austin, being rebuilt with posh technology after a plane crash, might finally be moving forward again.

Universal Pictures has been developing the film, and The Tracking Board now reports that Mark Wahlberg is being linked with the project. Wahlberg, currently topping the US box office with Transformers: Age Of Extinction, is being targeted to take the title role.

Peter Berg is currently on board as a producer, and may well direct the movie. That'd reunite him with Wahlberg, following their collaboration on Lone Survivor. We'll keep you posted...

The Tracking Board.

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Like I need another reason to not want to see this remade. Mark bloody Wahlberg!

Only if it features Sasquatch.

If its closer to the book, this could be interesting, Wahlberg is hit and miss so that could go either way. One to keep an eye on me thinks!

Why not cast Denzel Washington and have no relevance to the source material whatsoever.....eliminate the theme tune, the opening credits sequence and just make it generic. Then wait for the $ to come in......

Ah Mark Wahlberg, master of taking a bad movie idea and making it worse (Max Payne I'm looking at you). Well I don't think six million dollars is going to buy much nowadays, but sure it's been long enough to let them have a chance with a movie I guess.

He is such a terrible actor, and apparently the best paid in Hollywood these days. I always like to remind people that he once served 45 days in jail for a racist attack. Nice guy

I read the book the show was based on, Cyborg by Mark Caidan in the 80's, years after the TV show had finished. Its a lot darker than the TV show was and it would be pretty cool if they adapted that, than transferred the TV show to the big screen. Who didn't run around the school playground in slow motion or go Er,er,er,er,er when lifting things? Just me, is that the time...?

Sasquatch?! Good shout! It used to terrify me!

Either we can now guess your approximate age OR you were a very wierd kid if you did that in the playground in the last 20 years. "Sir, what's Farniboy up to?" "Oh his parents only let him watch Video tapes of seventies US tv shows"

What's a VHS Sir?

recently read Cyborg by Martin Caidin, the book the TV show was based on. a real book of two halves but i'd like to at least the first part of the book in a movie. it's a real struggle for Steve Austin to come to terms with whats happened to him, it takes to love of a good nurse to sort him out, lol.

I assume this time Steve Austin will have the ability to transform into a big truck?

Yeah I'm probably old enough to most reader's Dad!

But at least I get to say I earned my geek stripes! I got mocked for reading comics, for liking Blake 7 and doing a class presentation on Ray Harryhausen! Nowadays being a geek is easy, its cool. Its no badge of honour!

This casting news is not giving me good vibrations. Or sweet sensations.

Better Mark "Marky Mark and the Funky Bunch" Wahlberg than the full-out comedy starring Jim Carrey that was mooted in the early Noughties.

Only if it features Fembots. Preferably the Vanessa Kensington / Elizabeth Hurley ones from the Austin Powers movie that "borrowed" the idea from SMDM and BW.

Nice one there, but hopefully you're "Gonna Have a Good Time (1993)" as "You Gotta Believe (1993)".

We reach. I hear you brother. You are right it's too easy to be a geek nowadays. My copy of Action was torn up one week as it was "just" a comic. Forgive them for they knew not what they did!

I'm not in the forgiving game! I came home from a lad's holiday once to find a wardrobe in my bedroom had gone. Along with hundred's of near mint Star Wars and 2000AD comics. Probably worth a couple of grand! Oh, how I laughed!

I've just been on Vista Print and ordered him 500 free business cards reading...
"Mark bloody Wahlberg. A terrible actor, and apparently the best paid in Hollywood these days."
Does anyone have his address?

Isn't this pretty much what Robocop is? No rocket plane crash, but a car bomb/bullet-to-the-head instead?

You're not objectifying are you? We'll have none of THAT on DoG, don't you remember?

But if you are, and bless you for it, I'd like my Liz Hurley in her Bedazzled red dress please.

He gets paid about 6 million dollars per movie I'm told.

No, not at all because like 'From the web' section on this page it was Sponsored Content.


I'm 'a git mine, so git yo's!

I feel your pain. There's one remaining mystery about UK comics in the 70's. How was it that Dick Emery became President of the Airfix modellers club which featured in Battle comic?

He still can. Go to amazon and do a search for Sasquatch stories. Terrifying what he's getting up to nowadays. The Bionic Woman should stay well clear of his wood if she doesn't want a big surprise.

OOOO you are naughty, but I like you!

What's the money the Yewtree officers would have been looking through his hard drives?

Interesting in that the pilot episode for SMDM was a lot darker than the episodes that followed it. Majors did good job of being a guy who was angry that he was now a "freak" and should have been allowed to die. Steve even wrecks Oscar Goldman's office. It did not air that way. The pilot was up on YouTube for a while, but has now gone.

Well he was the best thing in The Happening!

Never has faint praise been so damning.

Search for "six million dollar man pilot" in a certain search engine beginning with G and you shall be rewarded in 4 parts. :)

They'd do better taking the money and putting it to use saving Intelligence as that was shaping up to be a nice modern spin on 6MDN.

Mark Wahlberg works well for me in some films (for example 'Shooter') but even so I
find there is something dead behind the eyes about him as an actor. As for the film adaptation well as a child growing up in the 70's I found the TV show thrilling (still love the opening credits) and would welcome it getting a big screen release. However as a few others have noted the source material (the book 'Cyborg') was somewhat harder edged than the show. Hopefully there'll walk the line between the too with the film.

I would agree particularly the character of Oscar Goldman who was a lot more manipulative and calculating than the father like persona he had in the series itself.

Thanks dude!

......awful" actually , but I'd take that bet!

No way. Doesn't have the charisma or sex appeal of Lee Majors

Wahlberg? He makes Statham look good. Being targeted is easy when you are wooden, just ask JS ;-)

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