Is a The Shining prequel on the way?

News Simon Brew 30 Jul 2012 - 07:00

A movie prequel to Stanley Kubrick's film of Stephen King's The Shining is apparently in its very early stages...

Just a small nugget of a story this one, which may or may not grow into something more substantive. It's popped up over at the Los Angeles Times, where it's been revealed that Warner Bros is doing some exploratory work regarding a prequel to The Shining.

Whilst the studio has cautioned that the film is not yet formally in development, it's nonetheless hired Laeta Kalogridis, Bradley Fischer and James Vanderbilt to come in and produce the film. Kalogridis penned the screenplay to Martin Scorsese's Shutter Island, based on the Dennis Lehane novel, whilst Vanderbilt's most recent writing could be found in The Amazing Spider-Man (Zodiac remains arguably his best work to date).

The new The Shining movie will be set, if it goes ahead, before the time when Jack Torrance (as played, of course, by Jack Nicholson in Stanley Kubrick's film) arrived at the Overlook Hotel. It's unlikely that Stephen King, who penned the novel of The Shining, will be involved in this. There are a few reasons why, including the small matter of him penning a follow-up to The Shining himself.

Don't expect much progress on this one for a while...

Los Angeles Times.

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Oh please, lord no.....Hollywood, you have to stop. Make NEW stuff instead of butchering classic films. Part of what makes the Shining such a frightening masterpiece is that we don't know anything about the hotel....and we don't need to!

Oh no no no...please leave this well alone, my fave UK horror The Wicker Man has already been butchered...not this too :(

There's sooo much history of Jack Torrence in the book, that's almost completely obliterated in the movie. This doesn't sound like a remake. His childhood with an abusive dad and submissive mom, his years at college with Winnifred, and his successes/failures as a teacher and as a father himself, and his drinking problem, which plays a huge roll in "the shining". Also, Winnifred's history could be added too, with her overly controlling mother. Both histories show why they are what they are, and how they're influenced in "The Shining". Without which, I'm just like, OK, guy goes crazy just because of being cooped up? Wife is just gonna scream about it? No, there's more to it then that! Movie didn't explain as much as it could have.
I admit, I'm intrigued. Though if they try to make it a horror/suspense movie, I'd be rolling my eyes. Should make for nice drama, though, with a happy ending (he gets married, after all; the tragedy will be we know how it really ends).


Butchered? We must be thinking of two different films as the Nicolas Cage one was fantastic. On a serious note have you seen The Wicker Tree? I hear good things about that.

the rifftrax of the wicker man is genius however the remake on its own is abysmal hollywood B.S

the prequel will most likely be about Jack Torrence's predecessor at The Overlook Hotel.

So this film will feature native Americans burying other native Americans?

Scatman Crothers would be spinning in his grave (if he didn't have that bloody great axe buried in his chest).

Sorry Andy Howell but I agree with Jamie Dalessio-Putman! No I haven't seen The Wicker Tree, in fact I'd never heard of it! Thanks for the suggestion though, I'll give it a watch.

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