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News Simon Brew
5 Feb 2013 - 06:33

After Disney backed out, the new stop motion film from Henry Selick, The Shadow King, has found a new home...

New stop motion animated films from director Henry Selick don't come around very often, but heck, they've always been worth the wait. Following the wonderful The Nightmare Before Christmas and James And The Giant Peach, we had quite a wait until we got his quite stunning take on Neil Gaiman's Coraline. And we were excited to hear that Disney had picked up his next film, The Shadow King.

That was, at least, until Disney backed out of the movie last summer, leaving Selick looking for a new home for his latest project.

Thankfully, he's found one. K5 International is set to represent the film at the forthcoming European Film Market, and it looks as if funding for the new movie is coming together.

Selick penned the script for The Shadow King himself, and it centres on a nine-year old orphan, whose hands are unusual, and feature long fingers. As such, he gets taunted a lot for them, although he uses them ultimately to make hand shadows, that then come to life. It's a good job they do too, as a shadow monster needs fighting, as it gets set to attack New York City.

The film has been in production to some degree since 2011, and if its new financiers would like some instant return on their investment, we'd be happy to buy our tickets now. When we hear any more on the movie, we'll shout it as loud as we can...


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