The Raid remake: delayed, possible cast list unearthed

News Ryan Lambie 28 May 2014 - 07:12
The Raid

The American remake of The Raid has been delayed, but a list has emerged which gives a hint of its potential cast...

You've probably already heard that director Patrick Hughes is planning to remake Gareth Evans' martial arts banquet, The Raid (or The Raid: Redemption, as it's known in the US).

The latest reports floating in from across the pond tell us that a production initially set to begin this September has been pushed back at least six months to the first part of 2015. According to Variety, pre-production has been halted as The Raid remake's producers work out exactly who they can get to star in it.

And if the Hollywood trade paper's sources are correct, there could be a really promising ensemble in the offing - the names they've suggested are Anthony Mackie, Frank Grillo, Luke Evans and Ethan Hawke. Which - if any - will wind up in The Raid US we don't yet know, but it's understandable that the producers would be willing to wait if they can get a familiar name or two on board.

Hughes has said in interviews that he's planning a "interesting take" on Evans' film but we'd be very surprised if he drifted too far from its brutal core concept: a squad of heavily-armed cops storming a multi-storey building of criminals. If he takes on a role, we could be hearing about Ethan Hawke brushing up on his martial arts skills very soon.

More on this as it comes in. 


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Why can't they just make a English dubbing and get over with it, like they do with anime, instead of ruining the movie that ruined "Dredd" for everyone?

If anyone refuses to watch subtitles and demands dubbing, they don't deserve nice things.

Haha, Raid is not exactly a movie that needs a dub, there are about twenty lines of dialogue!

..."he's planning an "interesting take" on Evans' film..."

So, if he's changing the film, then it's not a remake. In which case, call it something different and distance itself from the 'remake' tag.

Like others have said here, if you can't be bothered to watch the original with subtitles, then you're clearly an idiot.

And if you have seen the original, and also want to see a remake, then your brain is not working correctly.

The fact is, if all you take is the core concept then you've got nothing. The basic premise is laughably thin, what made it so special was the directors style and fight choreography and Iko Uwais surprisingly vulnerable performance. Lose those and you've just got another Die Hard remake.

The main draw with films like the raid is that they are NOT being american made. Someone should tell them that since they missed it obviously.

I thought they did this and called it Dredd 3D

Ignoring for a moment that the fight choreographers are working on the remake as well.

If every movie that has a building in it is within the same story canon, I've been watching movies all wrong.

I think maybe it's just you that thinks that. I like movies that entertain me. I don't care where they came from, who made them, why, if it's a remake, a sequel, a reboot, a prequel, a trilogy. I don't care about the politics. I just want to be entertained, and I think MOST people are like that when they're not trying to get attention on the internet.

The Raid is an extremely popular movie. it's not "underground" and it doesn't give you street cred to have watched it. We need less of the hipster behavior that you just exhibited, and more adult talk.

Dredd wasn't an American production and was still being made when The Raid was finished.

Dubbing is horrible. Watch Akira with it's original soundtrack, then watch the dubbed version. The actors in the dubbed version seemed to be under the impression that they were dubbing a kids film, such is the lack of acting ability.

I just cant picture an american remake which is going to be martial arts focused. My feeling is, it will just take the core concept of a swat type squad trapped in a building but be all about chereographing the shootouts (rather then hand to hand). Which could still be successfull.

Yeah, and David Belle was in Brick Mansions. Look how that turned out.

Exactly, it may be successful, hell I hope it is but history is not on its side. I feel it will be another Die Hard with nothing, NOTHING, original to it.
The original was unlike anything we'd seen in years and that is why it was a success.

The DVD allready has English dubbing

Anyone who's a fan of The Raid movies knows this is gonna b a failure!! Did Hollywood learn nothing from the shambles that was the Oldboy remake!!

Why would they bring the same martial artist choreographers to the remake if they weren't going to use them? Just to force them to watch them film shootouts?

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