The Raid remake: delayed, possible cast list unearthed

News Ryan Lambie
28 May 2014 - 07:12
The Raid

The American remake of The Raid has been delayed, but a list has emerged which gives a hint of its potential cast...

You've probably already heard that director Patrick Hughes is planning to remake Gareth Evans' martial arts banquet, The Raid (or The Raid: Redemption, as it's known in the US).

The latest reports floating in from across the pond tell us that a production initially set to begin this September has been pushed back at least six months to the first part of 2015. According to Variety, pre-production has been halted as The Raid remake's producers work out exactly who they can get to star in it.

And if the Hollywood trade paper's sources are correct, there could be a really promising ensemble in the offing - the names they've suggested are Anthony Mackie, Frank Grillo, Luke Evans and Ethan Hawke. Which - if any - will wind up in The Raid US we don't yet know, but it's understandable that the producers would be willing to wait if they can get a familiar name or two on board.

Hughes has said in interviews that he's planning a "interesting take" on Evans' film but we'd be very surprised if he drifted too far from its brutal core concept: a squad of heavily-armed cops storming a multi-storey building of criminals. If he takes on a role, we could be hearing about Ethan Hawke brushing up on his martial arts skills very soon.

More on this as it comes in. 


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