Gareth Evans on the US remake of The Raid

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28 Mar 2014 - 06:57
The Raid

Whilst promoting The Raid 2, director Gareth Evans has been chatting about the planned remake of the first Raid.

With the release of The Raid 2 drawing closer, director Gareth Evans has been on the promotional trail for the movie. And perhaps unsurprisingly, the matter of the US remake of the first film has come up.

Evans has been quite candid about it, too. "With the American remake, my involvement is very minimal. I'm an EP on it, but I'm not directing it myself. I'm not going to have a massive amount of say in terms of the creative side of it. That's not because I can't. I could totally do that. I just don't feel that it would be right to do that. I think that what's right for that project is having someone like Patrick Hughes, who is going to direct, should just be given free reign to go and do what he wants, just like I was given free reign to go and do what I wanted on my first one. He should be given the same kind of deal".

Evans went on to discuss the Hughes, saying that "he's a super-talented guy. Red Hill is great. I haven't seen Expendables 3 yet, but from what I've heard about it, the guy did a great job on it. I'm kind of interested and curious to see what he's going to do with it".

Evans added that "a Raid remake is not a remake in the same way that there's an Oldboy remake where it's all about plot and character and everything is tied in to the very bitter end. This one is like a ten-minute intro. It's a concept piece. Once you're in that building and you tell the audience how that building operates, the rest of the action sequences can be completely different. They can be completely new and choreographed by someone else. All it has to do is maintain the same tone and the same kind of mood and atmosphere that we had. That's it".

The fact that there is a remake of The Raid coming presumably helps Evans secure funding for future projects - and Raid movies. Hopefully, Hughes will get a decent amount of freedom with his take on The Raid, as Red Hill is a tremendous film.

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