Gareth Evans reveals plans for The Raid 3

News Simon Brew
21 Mar 2014 - 06:10

The Raid 3 is already being planned, but it's a few years away yet...

If there's a better director of action cinema currently working than Gareth Evans, we're yet to encounter them. Off the back of The Raid and The Raid 2 - which hits UK cinemas next month - he's already carved himself one hell of a reputation.

Furthermore, it looks like he's not done with The Raid yet too. Evans, chatting to Variety, has revealed that The Raid 3 is very much on his mind. He said that "if this one is two hours after The Raid finished, Raid 3 starts three hours before The Raid 2 finishes. So you go back in time a little and then branch off for a different story".

Giving nothing away about The Raid 2, that would make sense. Evans, however, has also said that "I don't want to do it for three years maybe. I do have a concept in mind".

We'll keep you posted on The Raid 3. Our review of The Raid 2 is right here...


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