The Raid US remake has a director

News Ryan Lambie 5 Mar 2014 - 08:43

A US remake of Gareth Evans' startling martial arts film The Raid moves ahead, as the director of Expendables 3 joins the production...

Gareth Evans' The Raid hit festival screens like a hammer blow in 2011, establishing the director as a formidable action filmmaker and turning Iko Uwais into an indie martial arts star.

The Raid 2: Berandal is out next month, and it's already being touted as a great action film. But while the fame of both the series and those involved in it continue to rise, American production company Screen Gems has been working away on an English-language remake of The Raid, having snapped up the rights shortly after it screened at the Toronto Film Festival.

We've now learned that The Raid US has a director, and it's Patrick Hughes. Hughes' first feature was Red Hill, a 2010 crime thriller starring Ryan Kwanten, while his second will be The Expendables 3, the action ensemble due out later this year. The Raid remake also has a writer - Brad Ingelsby, who wrote the downbeat drama Out Of The Furnace.

We're intrigued to see what the pair do with Evans' ruthlessly pared-back original premise, which saw elite cops storm a high-rise building controlled by a vicious gangster and his army of cronies. After all, many would argue that Pete Travis' Dredd (coincidentally) trod similar ground. Will Screen Gems want to change the plot around a little to distance the remake from both that film and the original - as Martin Scorsese did with The Departed, his remake of Infernal Affairs?

More news on The Raid US remake as we get it. The Raid 2 is out on the 11th April in the UK.


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Rumour has it that the raid was done after seeing a script for Dredd. Hard to prove, and annoying that if true they also pushed to get their film out just before Dredd finished too.

But when will we get the English remake? Do they expect my English brain to understand what all those Americans are talking about? That's just crazy


Hmm... Then the Raid's getting what it deserves? Cold bloodeeeed



No way is that true.

The Raid is an Indonesian film made by a Welshman. How would anyone have seen a script for Dredd?

Either way, I'm sure Die Hard had some part to play in both films!

Apparently the Dredd script was leaked online a few years ago. I read about it on the internet so it must be true.

Oops, sorry! I hadn't realised.

As we all know, the internet service is one of the trusted things of today's society!


Why The EFF Is This movie being Remade? Its already a damn near perfect film. Hollywood is a joke, especially since it remade OLDBOY (2003). Cardinal Sin.

Here's something from the producer/screenwriter of Dredd. make your own mind up.

Dredd was written and filmed long before The Raid. Dredd's screenplay was written in 2008 and leaked online in 2010. Principal photography on Dredd took place between November and December 2010. The Raid did not go into production until November 2010, and was filmed in March 2011. Until the Summer of 2010, Raid director Gareth Evans had been planning to make an entirely different film and put The Raid together over the next nine months. Dredd producer/screenwriter, Alex Garland:

another quote from the same person on a 2000AD forum and not from an IMDB FAQ

A: Honestly, I really don't believe that The Raid ripped off Dredd. And we didn't rip them off either. The timing doesn't allow for it - not that time-based logic has stopped many film journalists from suggesting that we stole their material.

Hey, that's great America. You go ahead and make your little remake, we'll just be over here, watching the original film series.

Yeah I read that too. Guess we have to put it down to more bad luck for Dredd.

I have my ticket for the Cineworld advance screening on the 31st March (The Raid sequel that is). I'm not normally one to rant about remakes because my own thoughts are that if the original is precious to you then just watch that. That said, the decision to remake this so close after the original release which is so highly praised is a slightly baffling decision. Maybe they'll just take the original premise and do something original and exciting with it? BTW I know this is essentially what Dredd is which I have a huge fondness for :)

There's a Cineworld March advanced screening!??

There is in Wakefield :) it appeared on the schedule on my ticket booked

Damn, lucky you. I'll have to keep an eye out in case it comes near me.

I read the script on the internet, so it must be true :P
When I read it, there was speculation about its authenticity. I guess it wasn't a hoax, as the final product was pretty close to the one we got. Ma-ma was somewhat heftier mama than Lena Headey, and Dredd shot through a hostage (non-leathal shot to the victim) to kill the perp, not setting him on fire. But the changes were minimal.

The fact that Gareth Evans is from Wales is all the more (circumstancial) proof. Wales is part of the United Kingdom and ultra-violent dystopian science fiction comics are part of regular reading for kids from the age of 7 in UK, since 2000 AD started publication in 1977. If a script for Dredd was available on the internet (like it was), there's no reason why a Welshman wouldn't be interested. Hell, I'm from Finland (Scandinavia), a Judge Dredd and 2000 AD fan, and I just had to download the damn thing, even though it meant I would spoil the movie for myself!

There already is a British version, although it still holds a language barrier for those that don't speak "American". It is called Dredd. Raid is suspiciously close to the Dredd script called "Peach Trees" that leaked on the internet in 2010, available on Megaupload and mentioned on Latino Review site. It's pretty much like the difference between A Fistfull of Dollars (spaghetti western) and Yojimbo (a samurai movie), except back then, there was no internet, and Yojimbo was already released. Also, Leone admitted to "borrowing" heavily from Kurosawa, although at the risk of Kurosawa suing his ass off :D

I think Gareth Evans has pretty much said that an early version of the Dredd script was a heavy inspiration for the final version of The Raid. And yeah, I'm a fan of both. I'm kind of hoping Scott Atkins or Michael Jai White ends up in the remake.

This is actually pretty standard for Hollywood. They remake foreign-non-English films instead of giving them a wide release all the time. They've been doing it at least since The Ring. It's nowhere near the idiocy they displayed when they dubbed Max Max on it's initial theatrical release because they didn't think US audiences would understand the Australian English.

Where? Please tell me if you can find a link. I've been looking for this for a long time. Raid 2 looks cool. Maybe that's going to be Evans' redemption? ;)

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