Director found for English language remake of The Raid

News Simon Brew 21 Feb 2014 - 06:35

The director of The Expendables 3 is the man tasked with the Hollywood remake of The Raid...

Some people, when they take on a remake, give themselves a more straightforward job than others. Few were too bothered, for instance, when Steven Soderbergh remade the Rat Pack heist movie Ocean's 11, primarily because the original was rubbish, and few cared about it.

But what do you do when the original is outstanding, proclaimed as one of the finest in its genre for years, and has an equally acclaimed sequel arriving? How do you tackle a film where the emphasis was on months of gruelling physical production?

Well, that question needs to be sent in the direction of Patrick Hughes, who has just been announced as the director of the Hollywood remake of The Raid.

Brad Ingelsby, who penned Out Of The Furnace, is working on a script for the film. Gareth Evans, who has directed the two Raid movies to date, will produce. Chris and Liam Hemsworth have also already been linked with the film.

Hughes' next project is The Expendables 3, but it's worth remembering that he got that job off the back of the thriller Red Hill, which is worth seeking out.

More news on The Raid remake as we hear it. The Raid 2, meanwhile, arrives in UK cinemas in April.

The Wrap.

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I love The Raid and its not because of its dialogue. Don't really see what an English language remake would add.

No, just NO.

Shaky-cam and overcook choreography, mixed in with unfollowable extreme close up shots

This is going to be rubbish! Western cinema is great for special effects, big set pieces, explosions etc. Not martial arts which is what 90% of the raid is. Agree with milkystainz, to compensate for the lack of actual martial arts on screen it'll be an orgy of close up and shaky cam, ultra choreographed fights.

Uninspired choice. Nicolas Winding Refn would be perfect. He is not famous for fast action scenes, but if Evans will produce, he might help to pace it a bit. Refn's creative aproach to capturing the violence from unexpected angles would be just perfect for RAID, and his artistic visions would counterweight the action sets with a dramatic and "arty" pauses. Refn is great with grity violence.

It already exists. It's called Dredd. Just re-release that with more advertising. Then make a sequel. Thanks!

(I know Dredd was written before The Raid, btw, before anyone says.)

While I don't always condone them, I like to think I generally have an open mind about remakes. Not this one. I have absolutely no time for what is one of the most genuinely unnecessary remakes in history.

I'm sure this will be every bit as successful as the Oldboy remake. Well done Hollywood

Words fail me.

If there was one film that did not need an English remake, it is this one. What I mean by that, is that it is hardly a film that requires too much concentration. Can Americans really not follow this simple plot because they have trouble reading?

It was an epic film, and I loved it. What is an English speaking version going to add? Nothing.

However, it does not surprise me. A foreign film that did well, of course Hollywood are going to be on it. I watched the Old Boy remake the other day, what a pile of s**t.

The World we live in. Pathetic.

Coming so close off the back of the trailer for 'Brick Mansions' this week really has shown that Hollywood has no shame when it comes to unoriginality

Doesn't the 'original' The Raid (can't believe we have to call it that already!) have an English dub option anyway? Surely just put that on and hey presto, no need to waste everyone's time and talent on an unnecessary remake.

Fewer subtitles. I guess that's something it would subtract. Anyway, I hate subtitles - especially in an action flick.

I think this runs a close second to the remake of Let the Right One In...

have a feeling this will be like the Old Boy remake w/c kinda sucked. What will happen to all the gory good silat action?

As much as I agree that this film does not need a remake this is happening whether we like it or not... so I would like to see someone who looks like they can handle themselves and has done some decent action stuff before as the lead, my first picks would be Jason Statham, or preferably Scott Adkins.

2nd of all keep it violent R-Rated, I want bones breaking, shots taking chunks out flesh... no PG-13 happens just out of shot rubbish.

I'm not holding out much hope for this and eagerly await The Raid 2. I recently saw Tom Yum Goong 2 and I'm sad to say I was very disappointed.

The original director was Welsh, don't you think he'd be suitable to handle the English language version haha? And here come the Welsh jokes :P

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