Trailer: The Prince, starring Jason Patric and Bruce Willis

Trailer Simon Brew 26 Jun 2014 - 07:36

Jason Patric, Bruce Willis and John Cusack star in The Prince. Here's the trailer...

It looks as if Bruce Willis has been taking career tips from Nicolas Cage, given one or two of the roles he's popped up in over the past couple of years. His latest, The Prince, lands in US cinemas this August (not a million miles away from the release of the Willis-less The Expendables 3), and sees him co-starring with Jason Patric and John Cusack.

The premise is one of a family man who - what do you know - used to be a mob enforcer. When his daughter goes missing, he's got to get across the country to try and find her.

Brian A Miller directs this one, which is getting a limited US release on August 22nd. And here's the trailer for the film...

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Why isn't Liam Neeson in this film?

Okay I'm an idiot! I thought this might be summat to do with Machiavelli's book!

Willis's hit to turkey ratio is getting worse. I think Looper was his last major critical/Box office success. The man needs a hit!.Mind you he looks like Mr Box Office compared to John Cusack.

Did that trailer just show the final shot? I hope it is a bluff because as average as this looks, I really really hate that (looking at your Prometheus trailer).

Am I the only one who thought looper was ill judged poorly plotted tripe? I only ask because it surely can't just be me!!

All things considered if Willis wants his fame back he'll have to star into a TV series or a Marvel movie. Nothing else will help.

I went to see Looper with some mates. There were six of us. Two of us thought it was brilliant, one didn't understand it and the other three pretty much said the same as you. It's not just you. I liked it BTW.

I enjoyed it a lot, but it made very little sense.

In what universe does Jason Patric get top billing over Bruce Willis? Probably the same universe where a new movie gets a release "in Select Theatres and On Demand"

Why isn't he in every film?

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