New Pink Panther movie coming

News Simon Brew 1 Apr 2014 - 06:31

The adventures of The Pink Panther are returning to the big screen - albeit in part-animated form...

When it comes to the big screen, think The Pink Panther, and you're either left with the wonderful collection of Peter Sellers-headlined originals, or the not-so-wonderful pair of Steve Martin movies that eventually followed. Sandwiched in-between is Son Of The Pink Panther, which starred Roberto Benigni, who would go on to win a Best Actor Oscar for Life Is Beautiful. The signs were not clear that he would when watching the aforementioned movie.

Now, plans are afoot for a new Pink Panther film, but this time, the emphasis will be on the cartoon character, rather than trying to resurrect Inspector Clouseau again. It'll be a mix of live action and animation, with MGM hiring David Silverman (The Simpsons Movie, Monsters Inc) to direct.

It won't be entirely separate from the films that Blake Edwards directed though, with the new Pink Panther looking to capture the tone of those earlier movies.

MGM hasn't announced when we can expect the new The Pink Panther as of yet. When it does, we'll duly pass the information on. We have our (occasional) uses...

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The Ant and the Aardvark had better be in this.

How couldyou forget Alan Arkin, Roger Moore and to a lesser extent, Ted Wass?

They stole my idea for a PP film with the Panther as the leadin animation/live action.

"the new Pink Panther looking to capture the tone of those earlier movies"

So they mean slightly racist then!

Funny enough, this was what I assumed the original Pink Panther movies to be about when I was younger. Actually, scratch that, I had no idea what they were about.

Shame you don't have a time machine, then you could have gone back and invented the technique before it was used back in the 1920s.

It's actually pretty tough typing when your eyes are rolling.

You cheeky minkey's!
Two April Fools gags in one day!

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