New movie of The Phantom planned

News Simon Brew
1 May 2014 - 06:24

The Ghost That Walks, The Phantom himself, is heading back to the big screen. Without Billy Zane, we're guessing.

Ah, Billy Zane must look at this and wonder how things could have turned out differently. In a time when comic book and superhero movies weren't the dominant force at the box office - that'd be 1996 - he took on the role of The Phantom in Simon Wincer's big screen take on the character. Things did not go to plan, the film wasn't greatly received, and whatever plans were in place for a franchise were swiftly dumped when the box office numbers came in. We don't enough know if Mr Zane got to keep the costume.

However, The Phantom's big screen days may not be numbered. A recent television take on the character called upon the power of few viewers, and thus came and went in 2009. But The Tracking Board now reports that producer Mark Gordon is working on a new film take on the character.

It's early days: at this stage, the search is on for a writer to tackle The Phantom. We do wonder if there's a broader plan for a Defenders Of The Earth movie universe here. Probably not, but you never know...

More on The Phantom as we hear it.

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