Writers revealed for The Outer Limits movie

News Simon Brew 20 Jun 2014 - 06:51

The writers behind Sinister sign up to pen the big screen take on The Outer Limits...

The classic TV series The Outer Limits has been mooted for a big screen outing for a little while now, but there are now tangible signs that it's actually going ahead.

MGM has been pursuing the film, with Mark Victor set to produce it. And now we learn, via The Hollywood Reporter, that C Robert Cargill and Scott Derrickson have been hired to pen the screenplay for the film.

The pair previously wrote Sinister, which Derrickson directed. And it adds more work to an increasingly full slate for Scott Derrickson, who revealed just a few weeks back that he's the man directing Marvel's Doctor Strange movie.

The focus of the film will apparently be the episode Demon With A Glass Hand. That tells the story of a man with a computerised hand who is the sole survivor on planet Earth, travelling back in time to try and work out what happened to humanity. Aliens are involved. But you probably knew that.

There are no timescales that we know of for the movie, but we'll keep you posted as we hear more.


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I hope this is the sort of horror which is an eerie unravelling of plot - sinister in the way that "Sinister" wasn't. It was effective, but the ending just hammers the spookiness to pieces.

Perhaps this box office resurgence of horror movies (found-footage, haunted suburbia, slasher flicks) can allow these writers to slip in some subtlety.

What does Ellison make of this? (He originally wrote Demon with a Glass Hand?)

They're probably just hoping that he'll soon be too dead to sue.

His name is on the credits, so they're going to have to pay him! His reputation is probably why they didn't ask him to do the adaptation though!!!

best episode of Outer Limits I remember was some guy who bred 2 different types of scorpion type animals, kept them in a huge sand tank and they ended up battling each other and making huge structures out of the sand and i think took to attacking humans too, hmm doesn't sound that great now I write it but I remember it being amazing lol

I remember it very well, The Sandkings, one of their best episodes

That's an Outer Limits 2.0 episode ala Showtime, not the original

Based on a short story by George R R Martin too!

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