New name revealed for The Muppets 2

News Simon Brew 14 Jun 2013 - 06:39

The Muppets 2 is now not The Muppets... Again! Instead, it's Muppets Most Wanted...

Now in post production is the very eagerly-awaited follow-up - by us especially - to the quite brilliant The Muppets. The film's being directed by James Bobin again, and this time he's also co-written the screenplay alongside Nicholas Stoller. Ricky Gervais and Tina Fey lead the cast.

Now we learn that the film has had a title change, too. From the working title of The Muppets 2, it was previously announced that the film was going to be called The Muppets... Again! However, Disney has had a change of heart, and gone for something instead that gives you more direct responses when you type it into Google (and we'd imagine, in all seriousness, that might have had something to do with it). Thus, the new Muppets film is now called Muppets Most Wanted.

The film arrives in the US on March 21st 2014, and it's currently on the schedules to arrive in the UK a week after that.

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I was really hoping for that Muppets Die Hard 24/7 crossover.

A Good Day to Muppet Harder? Gonzo in 60 Seconds? A Bitter Sweet'Ums Life? Miss Piggy's Fight Club? Rowlf Unchained? Hot Fozz? The action genre is ripe for a Muppet makeover...

Gonzo in 60 seconds sounds like Johnny Depp needs to team up.

Miss Piggy's Fight Club - GIVE ME THIS FILM NOW.

Aww, I preferred the Muppets Again. :'(

Not just action genre - Muppet Sematary, Muppet Ado About Nothing, Gonzo With The Wind, MissiPiggi Burning (I lol'd at myself there!), Fozzi Gump, Good Morning Mahna-Mahnam.

Good new title. The Muppets ... Again! wasn't even a bad title - it wasn't one at all :)

So the muppets have appeared in a various films you say

Yes the first one was the muppet move the most recent one was the muppets and the next one is going to be the muppets again

What was the name of the recent muppet movie

the muppets

I know they're in it. what was the title

the muppets


no that's the next one. the last one was the muppets

please tell me the name of the last muppet movie

the muppets

the last muppet movie

the muppets

the muppet movie

what about it

I want to know the name

that was it

the last muppet movie was called the muppet movie

no that was the first one. this one was the muppets

otherwise it was the greatest muppet movie of all time

The last one was the greatest of all time

In my opinion the first one was the best

which one was the first one again

the muppet movie

the muppet movie was the greatest muppet movie of all time

no the muppet movie was just the muppet movie

the greatest muppet movie of all time was the last one

what was the name of the last one

the muppets

the muppets again

that's the next one

is this the cheapest muppet movie ever made

no the cheapest muppet movie ever made was never made

I am starting to think new titles are in order

Though it could be argued that, much as we adults enjoy The Muppets, we're really not their core, target audience. Most of the action movie themes would probably be a little risque for the younger audience

Why they called it "The Muppets...Again!" will NEVER make sense to me.

Ha ha. Is that bacon I smell? No, it's MissiPiggi Burning. Love it.

Call it what they like, but with Gervais at the helm I'll have strong doubts about this, and will likely be disappointed. Particularly as I felt so let down by the last film - it was good, but by no means as amazing as many seemed to suggest it rehashed the storyline from A Very Merry Muppets Christmas Movie pretty much and just put it in different dressing.

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