The Muppets 2 and Pirates Of The Caribbean 5 release dates

News Simon Brew 15 Jan 2013 - 06:17
The Muppets

Disney confirms the official release dates of a pair of its upcoming sequels...

Just yesterday, we reported the news that Pirates Of The Caribbean 5 had taken a fresh step forward with the recruiting of a new writer for the project. Jeff Nathanson has been hired to take a stab at the script for the new film, and we now have a firm idea as to what timetable Disney is working to on the movie. The studio has formally announced the release date for Pirates Of The Caribbean 5 as July 10th 2015. That puts it slap bang into the middle of a summer that's already set to feature The Avengers 2, Star Wars Episode 7 and Justice League.

At this stage, it's unclear who's going to be directing the new Pirates movie, with Rob Marshall the current incumbent. We'll let you know when the decision is made.

Of greater interest to us though is the news that the new Muppets film also has a release date. The Muppets 2, which it won't end up being called, is set to shoot over the next few months in the UK. At first, it was suspected that the movie was being readied for release at the end of this year, but given that Disney already has a big family movie planned for the back end of 2013 - Frozen - it's perhaps unsurprising that the new Muppets film won't be with us until 2014.

The exact release date? It's now been confirmed as March 21st 2014. That's one year and 65 days away, and the countdown has very much begun...

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If they think Pirates 5 can compete with Marvel and Star Wars then someone n their production office must be crackers - they're gonna get mullered!

Um, Disney owns Marvel and Star Wars. Well done.

It was 7 in the morning on 2 hours kip.


Not to mention the fact that Pirates is the fifth most successful movie franchise of all time. I love me some Star Wars, but couldn't care less about Marvel. Pirates is a very different genre and I think it'll hold up fine as a result. It'll be the first film I'm lining up to see :D

Lost all interest in The Muppets 2 as soon as I learned that Ricky Gervais was the lead male - a serious misstep in my opinion. I don't rate the man in the slightest (even as a comedian, let alone an actor) and although I'll reserve final judgement until I do see the film, I doubt it'll muster the level of interest I had in the previous one (which though brilliant, was also overrated in my opinion).

Great to hear about Pirates 5, I was worried about that for a bit. Disney really are bringing out the big guns in 2015...
Though, I can see Justice League crashing and burning; the Avengers was ok - it was a fun, action-packed romp. But honestly, I'm not interested in any more "combined" Marvel movies - all I'm waiting for is X-Men: Days of Future Past.
Despite being a big fan of Star Wars, I'm just not looking forward to Episode VII. Lucas finished it all, way back in 1983. The prequel-trilogy was irrelevent. I honestly can't see what they can do - it's not that I don't think it won't be good, I really just can't see how they can go any further with the franchise without destroying it.

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