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1 Nov 2012 - 07:24
Head back to the big screen....where they belong

A bit of casting news is in for the follow-up to The Muppets, as well as details of where the film is going to be set...

We make no apologies for the fact that any news surrounding the next Muppet movie is going to be treated like gold dust around these parts. The latest film remains regularly rewatched, and we've also got a UK cinematic re-release of The Muppet Christmas Carol later this month.

And now we hear that parts of The Muppets sequel are falling into place. The intention with this one is to veer closer to the style of The Great Muppet Caper, we understand, and James Bobin is returning to direct. Bobin has also been co-writing the script with Nicholas Stoller, although Jason Segel is not involved in any department this time around.

But it looks as though Christoph Waltz is. The Academy Award winning actor is, according to The Hollywood Reporter, set to join The Muppets 2 as an Interpol agent. Furthermore, the new film will be set in Europe. Which hopefully means they'll film in Europe too. We could pay them a surprise visit then. Sure they'd like that.

Other characters, amongst the many yet to be cast, include a Russian femme fatale, and a new male lead "whose intentions are always in question". Our audition tape is ready and waiting.

Production on The Muppets sequel is likely to take place next year.

The Hollywood Reporter.

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