UPDATED: The Muppet Christmas Carol cinematic re-release

News Simon Brew 14 Aug 2012 - 07:58
The Muppet Christmas Carol: Christmas bliss

The Muppet Christmas Carol is already confirmed as heading to Blu-ray this November. And we've now confirmed it's returning to UK cinemas...

UPDATE at the bottom of this story....

Oh boy, please let this be true.

According to the release schedules over at the Film Distributors’ Association in the UK, the peerless The Muppet Christmas Carol is coming back to British cinemas. The release is currently marked for ‘key cities’, and it’s in celebration of the 20th birthday of the film.

It’s already been confirmed that The Muppet Christmas Carol will be released on Blu-ray this November, with the American release date marked for November 6th. We don’t know as of yet whether the song When Love Is Gone will be appearing in the version released. It was cut from the original cinema release, but restored for the video and Laserdisc versions. However, it didn’t appear on the subsequent DVD outing. Director Brian Henson always wanted it included, but the studio wasn’t keen. We'll find out in due course.

Anyway, that cinematic re-release. We’re finding out more about it, but it appears to be marked for Friday 23rd November, with Park Circus, rather than Disney, distributing.

If it’s true, how about a load of us get together for an opening night cinema outing…?

UPDATE: We've been in touch with Park Circus, who has confirmed the 23rd November UK re-release of the film in selected cinemas. Park Circus has also confirmed that When Love Is Gone will NOT be restored for this release.

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"When Love Is Gone" NEEDS to be in the film. It's reprised at the finale and makes little sense if it's not included.

The Prince Charles Cinema did an Adults Only screening last Cristmas with beer, mince pies and drinking games. It was frikkin awesome. They also showed 'When Love is Gone' as a trailer to MASSIVE cheers and applause.

I would pay literally dozens of pounds to see this.

If this happens I'm hopping on the first plane from the Netherlands to the UK to be able to see it on the big screen. That would be amazing.

The St Andrews cinema shows this on the late night Wednesday showing every Christmas; I went every year as a student and it was always packed out. I hope this is true!

The scene is important, and moving. I don't know why they don't want it in, unless it's the woman's HUGE and THROBBING nose holes, that expand and shrink as she sings like octopus' siphon.

When Love is Gone is the pin of the film. It's the moment Scrooge's heart finally breaks. Without it the story just lacks that emotional hook.

Sucks it wont be in the cinema re-release. It better be on the BD though. I know someone who dislikes the song so I guess there's a few naysayers out there, but how hard is it to fast-forward through it if it is included? At least they get a choice!

"It was almost love, it was almost always." That section is the heart of the movie and it loses a lot of meaning without it.

I've just heard a rumour that this has been cancelled at the 11th hour as Disney are concerned about DVD sales. Any idea if it's true?

Ok, I've had an email to say the re-release is much smaller than planned, but still happening in limited showings.

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