The Mummy reboot director quits project

News Simon Brew 7 May 2014 - 06:36

More creative differences, as director Andy Muschietti departs Universal's reboot of The Mummy...

Universal has high hopes for its latest reboot of The Mummy franchise, which is currently scheduled to land in cinemas in 2016. But it's hit a problem. The studio had hired the director of Mama, Andy Muschietti, to helm the new Mummy film, and Muschietti himself passed on a project called Bird Box to make the movie. However, he's now quit The Mummy, with The Wrap reporting "creative differences" as the reason why.

Bird Box is still a possibility for Muschietti, a director Universal remains keen to work with. But the search is on for a new Mummy director. Len Wiseman had also been attached to the project at one stage, but he's long since moved on too.

Muschietti's departure from The Mummy is described as "amicable". More news on the film as we get it.

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Why would they even need a director? Worked out well for the Transformers franchise.

I didn't even know he was attached. Having been pleasantly surprised by Mama, he could have done a decent job.

Not that I'm anticipating the movie particularly, but I'm glad Len Wiseman isn't doing it. It would be guaranteed unspectacular.

I have a fantastic idea! Let's hire McG!!!!!!!!!!! Or you know that other guy who made that one okay'ish action movie. What do you mean you don't know who I'm talking about? You know him! The one in a baseball cap!

I still think it's far too soon to "reboot" the Mummy flicks.

First GB drops Point Break, now this. Is Hollywood finally tired of remakes?!?!

No. Theyll be replaced.

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