Competing script for The Mummy reboot ordered

News Simon Brew 15 Feb 2013 - 06:37
The Mummy

It's The Hunger Games' Billy Ray versus Prometheus' Jon Spaihts, in the race to get a Mummy reboot script together...

This is a bit of an odd one. It's been known for some time that Universal was keen to reboot The Mummy franchise, and that director Len Wiseman was attached to the project. Also, one of the writers of Prometheus, Jon Spaihts, had been hired to put a screenplay together.

However, it seems as though Universal is on something of a timetable here, with a summer 2014 release targeted (to be fair, launching anything into the summer of 2015 is looking increasingly difficult). As such, it's now ordered a second screenplay to be produced, in tandem with the first.

Billy Ray, who adapted The Hunger Games, is starting from scratch on a new screenplay, while presumably Spaihts will continue to press ahead with this. Universal will then either chose one or the other, or seek to combine them both. Hmmm.

Both are set in the present day, Vulture reports. But it seems a strange way to motivate a pair of writers, to effectively have them outright competing with each other. We'll find out if it works next year, presumably...


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I say film them both and cast Ryan Reynolds in each one!

Staring Nathan Fillion directed and scripted by Drew Goddard sorted.

I do love DoG - but could you please stop referring to things as 'reboots'? And call them what they actually are - lazy, half-arsed rehashes.

If you could also see your way to stop using the word 'tropes' - which I'm fairly sure never existed a year ago - I'd be eternally grateful.

The lazy half-arsed rehash of Batman was actually rather good

Exactly. This is another film that does not need rebooting. The 1999 version is as perfect and fun as it could be. It does not need re doing already.
Its also a million times better than Indy 4. Its the film Indy 4 should have been.
Why not just do another film like the Mummy, but with different actors and a different monster. Imagine a Frankensteins monster comedy run around, or Dracula or Indy 4 played for laughs again, but with real proper 50s B movie aliens...

I wonder which writer will get accepted into Starfleet...

So one film with feature a teenage angst-ridden Mummy while the other will be about a confused Mummy that doesn't really know what it is but certainly isn't a prequel, sequel or remake of an earlier Mummy?

So if you do not like the site, ask for your money back.

Why is launching something in the summer of 2015 so difficult?

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