Len Wiseman to direct The Mummy reboot

News Simon Brew 25 Sep 2012 - 06:52

The Mummy is getting the reboot treatment, and Total Recall director Len Wiseman looks like he's landed the job...

Director Len Wiseman certainly doesn't pick projects to make his life a great deal easier. He was the man, after all, who helmed the PG-13 rated Die Hard sequel, and this year we also saw his remake of Total Recall. And he's lining up another remake next, it appears, as it's being reported that Wiseman is Universal's choice to reboot The Mummy franchise.

The idea first surfaced a few months ago, when Alex Kurtzman and Roberto Orci became attached to produce the movie. The appointment of a director suggests that the project is pushing ahead sooner than may have been thought, too, with a 2014 release now targeted. Prometheus co-writer Jon Spaihts has penned the screenplay.

More on The Mummy as we get it.


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The Mummy is lightweight fluff I think it's a perfect match.

Reboots and remakes are getting closer together - it won't be long before we see two versions of the same film come out at the same time!

You didn't notice Mirror Mirror & Snow White and the Huntsman out at the same time?

Of course (not to mention multiple Robin Hoods at once in 1991, Columbus movies in 1992, Volcano movies in 1997, asteroid movies in 1998 etc) - but my light-hearted comment was a jape about the remake and the original coming out together, not two different films based on the same source material :)

Wonder how he will shoehorn Kate Beckinsale into it?

Hope they go for a similar sort of vibe to the Brendan Fraser ones. The first one is a great popcorn flick which I still watch regularly. It was a franchise that had a lot of potential which it never seemed to fully exploit. Brendan Fraser made for a great action hero and despite me wishing we could see him in the role of Rick O'Connell again for one last shot at making a film that lives up to the original, I'll definitely be interested in a reboot if they come up with someone as likeable and maintain the fun, thrill ride feel.

They should leave it as it is 3 films the 1st being the best

I read this straight after reading the 'are we jaded with reboots/remakes' article. My head is spinning. The reason I originally watched this (and rewatch it) is for the 4 main cast going through an enjoyable romp. I might watch another remake on tv but it takes a lot to get me into the cinema nowerdays

When has he ever 'shoehorned' Kate Beckinsale into a film? She was cast in Underworld as the lead and naturally continued playing the character in the sequel. The only other Wiseman film she's been in is Total Recall, and I'd hardly say she was 'shoehorned', which implies that he had to go to great lengths to find some excuse to cast her in an unnecessary role. She was effectively the main villain. As much as the Mummy reboot will probably suck, it would probably suck less if Beckinsale was cast.

If You've got anything to say about Kate Beckinsale (Or Felicity Kendal for that matter), you can just about blummin well say it to me first.

Will the remake be repeatedly shown on ITV as well?

So, effectively a reboot of a reboot?

I have come to terms with Hollywood destroying all my favourite movies.

I simply will not watch them and choose not to recognise them. I will continue to watch the films I grew up with and not worry about these money grabbing projects.

I have not seen any 'remake' this year, and feel I have missed out on nothing.

(Although, I did watch Dredd, and thought it was amazing. But it doesn't count seeing as the original was never good to begin with)

You have to Laugh at this. The Mummy 1999 was a great fun film and Brendan Fraser was great in it. BUT it was just a sort of substitute to Indiana Jones, it was so like that in tone and Brendans Character getting in over his head and fighting his way out of scrape after scrape. It was brillant brilliant fun and I still watch it today. It just felt like they were sitting there at the planning stage and someone said " Lets make a film that LIKE Indiana Jones, but not with Harrison Ford, lets cast someone a lot younger and go about it as if its 1981 and we are doing Raiders of the Lost Ark but we will put a Mummy in it!"
And it worked very well for the time. It does not need remaking again so soon, and it does not need re booting, but when did this ever stop them? The new Robocop will be crap...one look at the costume in the poster, behind the scenes stuff tells you that. This will be no different...who the hell are they going to get to play Brendan Fraser? I give up with Hollywood and its re boots re ideas and after watching the plank of wood, bland performance from Henry Cavill in Cold light of Day this weekend, I dont have a lot of hope for the Superman reboot either.

Now fellow denizens, this is a fun property but the first (and best) film was released in 1999 so it's not quite far too soon for a "reboot". Besides I think there is a gap for a franchise like this. Something (marvel properties aside) with a lighter adventurous tone to balance out all the "dark" re-imaginings of classic stories.
Let's keep positive, there is no reason to assume it's going to be bad.

“When I first heard Universal was relaunching this, that is the image
that popped into my head, the period tale, the old monster, but when Bob
and Alex pitched it, there was a great new take and approach, and a
very different mummy as well,It’s a darker twist on
the material, a scarier version.” - Len Wiseman

...Oh balls, never mind.

"Prometheus co-writer Jon Spaihts has penned the screenplay."

Oh dear...

Mr Hollywood,
please stop with the reboots, there must be some ideas out there that are really good. Like erm ...... a cop and his partner and some cowboys and a talking dog all go on holiday , but heres the twist it is Christmas !!!!!!!

Surely this isn't a reboot of the 1999 film but another movie using the same monster (a property Universal have had since 1932)? They wouldn't cast another Rick O'Connell really, would they?

Why does The Mummy need a reboot? i like the Brendan Fraser ones (not counting the tomb of the dragon emporer) stop remaking everything! especially things that don't need to be remade........Argh!

Is it just me but every time I hear of Len Wiseman I think of Tom Cruise in tropic thunder?

pretty sure he popped her image into die hard 4 too lol.

NO! The trilogy is fine as it is (first film being the best of course!)

There is NO need to reboot these films, in any case how could they? How dark do they want to make it, pitch black?

What ever happened to creative thinking?!

rec and quarantine...

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