Rumours resurface of new Matrix trilogy

News Simon Brew 3 Mar 2014 - 07:13

Are The Wachowskis working on a brand new trilogy of Matrix movies?

Hmmm. We've been down this road before, with rumours springing up of a new trilogy of Matrix films. Notwithstanding the fact that the two Matrix sequels are hardly held in particularly high regard, there had been rumblings a few years back of more movies in the series, that proved to be false.

Latino Review, however, is now reporting that Andy and Lana Wachowski are now working on a brand new Matrix trilogy, and that they "have already started the writing process with early treatments and outlines already turned into the studio".

The Wachowskis are currently putting the finishing touches to this summer's blockbuster for Warner Bros, Jupiter Ascending. And whilst you can't imagine Warner Bros shutting down conversations about more Matrix movies - the series brought in over $1.5bn at the worldwide box office for a start - this one does all seem best filed under believe it when we see it.

Here's the original Latino Review report, which suggests a 2017 release date for The Matrix 4.

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Just make one. Don't make one great film and then drag the whole thing down to average with the next 2. No kids, no flying, no killing Trinity.

Lana Wachowski you say?

Tacit acknowledgement by the Wachowskis that 2 and 3 went off the rails, lost the plot and wet the bed?

Unfortunately, no one can be told what the movie is, you have to see it for yourself!

The sequels did have some very good idea's of subverting the original but went too far that it undermined the sequels themselves... such as the end of the original Neo has transcended the Matrix whereas as basic things in the sequels such as fighting agents is just kung fu nonsense, he should have been above that. Regardless of the system, even the architect said he was different to the other One's.

That and the supporting cast was particularly underdeveloped and didnt stand out they way they did in the original. I think if you even just edited that Ked or Kid whatever his name is out of the sequels (which Im sure you could do without in anyway disrupting the story) these movies would improve... he actually had a pretty cool story in the Animatrix for anyone that hasn't seen it, and could have been like a John the Baptist to Neo's Jesus, but they made him into like a devout village idiot in the end....

Larry had a sex change, guess he chose the red pill

I really like the sequels, mainly because, despite their serious flaws, they feel unique. They're so different to the first film, though -- even 11 years on, it's still noticeable how big the tonal gap is between them. Part of me still wonders if 2&3 were actually written by the Wachowskis, given how overtly more 'mainstream' the broad comedy strokes and that hideous rave scene feel.

I'd be behind this, if they just focused on different characters and tried to make it feel as otherworldly as the original film.

More matrix is good, no matter what is thought of it. Personally I only felt disappointed with Revolutions, and I would bet that it is the same for most people because they wouldn't have gone to see it in the cinema if Reloaded turned them off the franchise beforehand. Killing Trinity won no favours, and Neo whatever happened to him whether he died or not was anti-climactic and really just a bad way to end the trilogy.

Maybe they can go back to the graphic novel they 'borrowed' ideas from for the first movie and take more of it's ideas for a return to the Matrix universe. They could also take inspirations from the Animatrix. Whatever the case, if they make more movies I will be there to see it on the big screen.

Er, that'd be the blue pill, surely?

Although the final two films weren't great, they still had two amazing sequences in. The stair scene and the road scene were just spectacular.

Seriously? When? I've heard nothing of this.

Wasn't widely reported, guess it is no big deal these days (at least in western society). Actually to be honest I don't know whether she has had the op yet.

No, deffo the red - takes you to wonderland through the rabbit hole etc. Blue makes you wake up (ie. nothing changes).

It's a Latino Review story so I can't take it seriously.
The Matrix trilogy is excellent though.

Reloaded was so shockingly poor that after my friends and I left the cinema we couldn't speak to each other for about 10 minutes. Finally we were able to express that it was the most disappointing cinema experience since The Phantom Menace. Absolutely awful considering the canon it was working from. I didn't bother with Revolutions but I imagine a lot of people did in the hope that it was just Reloaded that would be the bad one. A bit like AOTC really.

Garbage, garbage, garbage. As far as I'm concerned, The Matrix is a stand alone film and the other do not exist. I own many blu-rays but not... Indiana Jones 4 (binned it), Die Hard 5 (never bought it), The Prequels, any Aliens film after the second and I really need to throw Spider-man 3 out as well come to think of it. I used to be a completist but so often sequels are just so god awful that I can't bare to see them in my collection... what was I saying again? Oh yeah, thanks for the offer Wachowskis but no thanks.

That awkward moment when you're about to post your opinion, then realise it's already been posted in the comments section and far more eloquently too :P

For all its flaws, the Matrix is still a truly visionary trilogy. If they can return to the simple but neat concepts of the first one, I can see a winning trilogy. The Digital Revolution has only increased as of recently, so they can make this series even more relevant than before.

I'm one of those rare people who thought the sequels were actually superior. They were ahead of their time for me, and every time I watch them I appreciate them a little bit more. The first movie just felt like a prologue, something to get people used to the idea before showing them what the films were actually about.

So yes, I would happily welcome more Matrix movies, as long as the story was right. It can't just be a retread of the first three with different characters. I'd like to see an exploration of what could happen now that there's peace, maybe an exploration of blurring the lines between humans and machines.

yeah man, the global crusti techno hippie party thing stunk. glad others think the same. stacks to like about the sequels still, i'm warmer to them than most are

The sequels had a bunch of great moments between them, if you took those badass moments and put them all into one movie, it would have been a great sequel. But overall not a bad trilogy, especially when you add the Animatrix, which added a lot of backstory to the sequels.

I only saw the first film and didn't really like it. I mean the film itself was okay but the plot for which it is famous was an oversimplification of a complex philosophical concept that other films such as Dark City or even better Avalon have managed to dig into deeper. And visually it was enormously ripped off from Ghost in the Shell. Even the bullet time effect was not introduced by The Matrix but was already around for many years. Personally I think The Matrix might be the most overrated film of all time.

Edit: that was a bit harsh. Let me explain. (the following might be a bit spoilerish)

The Matrix is a film that asks the quetsion: what is real? And answers it with the statement that, that which is not real is therefor meaningless and has to be destroyed thus freeing mankind from unreality and showing them the bleak but untimately more meaningful reality.

Dark City is a film that asks the question: what is real? And answers it with a statement that, that which is not real might in essence be menaingless but can be turned into something meaningful and in a sense a better reality.

Avalon is a film that asks the question: what is real? And answers it with a statement that the question itself is meaningless because in the end each of us has to decide for his or herself what reality is and that the idea of an absoulte reality is an illusion itself because ultimately we each create our own reality. It's a revolutionary idea if ever there was one.

But then again I'm a huge Mamoru Oshii fanboy so I'm utterly biassed.

Never, ever, have I wanted humanity to burn as much as I did when seeing that rave scene. Even more than Bill Pullman's speech in Independence Day.

I would love to see another film made. Certainly would support another Trilogy. I really enjoyed 2003 with Reloaded and Revolutions. When the DVD's came out, they were packed full of behind the scenes, that invited us into seeing how much work that took. It was alot of fun!

Please not a prequel. They are never well accepted, and tend to be less
interesting. Our "pre" knowledge of the film's universe is already
filled in and needs not to be invaded or forcibly replaced. Go forward!

Agreed, although most of the good stuff is in Reloaded. Revolutions is just Dragonball Z, except not hilarious.

Ha! Morpheus's speech before said rave is a close tie with Pullman's. Embarrassing,

It's strange how the sequels abandoned the cool, fairly laid-back approach of the original for a more eager-to-please humour, whilst still delivering a complex, subversive story (even though I wish they'd gone in different directions). It's like the Wachowskis lost their confidence and had no idea really what people liked about the first film.

Why is that awkward?

I agree 100%. Reloaded is my favorite of the 3 actually. The reason why so many people disliked the sequels is because they only liked the 1st one for the action. They never really cared about the story, message, or characters. They wanted to just see more bullet time fighting. The sequels actually showed us much more of what the Matrix actually was and we got to actually learn about the key players and their roles. The first movie was an action movie first; while the sequels were dramas complimented by the action. A lot of people were taken by surprise from this. Just reading the comments on this page alone confirms this. Everyone who didnt like the sequels always mentions how there was still some good in them - then they list the fighting scenes.

I think you are way wrong in your analysis, Steven. The Matrix is the very core of the whole plot, visual style, etc and not otherwise, while the sequels were just action movies to please the average north american guy: guns guns gunssss. Reloaded had many cool new elements (Merovingian, the Exiles, the Path of the One) but many things were left in the way (Philosophy, Sepia-cloured environments) and presented Neo as a full grown Messiah and Morpheus was reduced to a mere assistant of Neo. the 8-month gap period between The Matrix and Matrix Reloaded were just too heavy to avoid, I've prefered to see a Neo walking the path that that full power version of himself, with no more to learn. No comments about Revolutions, that was the pinacle of how a movie must NOT be ended. The Matrix universe is rich enough to create lots of posibilities, side stories (as Animatrix was). The Path of the One is not a straight line, I would like the Wackos understand that and get The Matrix the glory it was supposed to get with the first movie, Animatrix short films and The Matrix Online videogame.

A. I thought Reloaded was awesome. I'm in the minority in that I thought all 3 movies created a well-told story, But yes, they did "mainstream"ize #2 a bit.

My 1st thought on this announcement is that it is probably intended to drum up more publicity to get people noticing JA, and is less about the Matrix. Are they working on some more Matrix movies, technically I would bet "yes", but it's more of in the "toying around" stage I'd bet.

I hope they do finish the story. #3 left off at a defacto detante. I.e. - the humans were still slave batteries. I'd like to see the little hybrid girl from the end of 3 come back and kick the machines arses(it would be colorfully poetic to have a half-machine bring them down). Maybe there's a new Neo, and the 2 form a team(couple?)

"As long as the Matrix(and power-plant) exists, the human race will never be free"

The whole series was pretty epic. The sequels sucked in everyone's minds. But, the original was groundbreaking because it took place in the matrix. ....the basis of the movie. .,closer to the real world that we live in now. The real story of all three was about human love for one another. So instead of working the mundane...just love. We all have talents. We all have beliefs...but in the end it is love. I am fascinated of a new matrix film...just not a reboot...seriously...I loved the story and welcome a prequel or continuation. .not a reboot. ..trinity. is dead.....neo? That trinity? Has Orpheus been predicting this all along? Maybe it always happened like this before. Part of the program...

I think it's the night time scenes with the rain and all the symbolism in the original that best defined the series.
I hope they can recapture that feel, I liked 2 and 3 however I'm not a
fan of the excessive flying around. I would like to see a lot more of
the philosophy involved however I guess that would not sit well with the
mainstream audience.

I would consider it a blue pill action because a sex change is not really a change of you as a person, its just an aesthetic change like a guy wearing a dress. I think a red pill person would not care to go through surgery for a change in physical appearance, it's one of those areas that keeps people in the matrix.

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