Ridley Scott's next film: The Martian, with Matt Damon

News Ryan Lambie 25 Jun 2014 - 11:15
Sir Ridley Scott

Director Ridley Scott has confirmed the identity of his next film: The Martian, starring Matt Damon...

We heard about a month ago the story that Ridley Scott might be set to direct an adaptation of the science fiction survival film The Martian, based on Andy Weir's book of the same name. This has now been confirmed by the director himself, along with the news that Matt Damon will indeed play the leading role of an astronaut stuck on the surface of Mars.

This leaves the lingering question: who's going to direct Prometheus 2? The Martian is currently scheduled for release next year, while Prometheus 2 is pencilled in for a 2016 release.

More news on both as it comes in.

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Yes, excited about this as I just read The Martian!!!

As much as I love Ridley Scott, isn't directing a movie set on Mars a little risky? I mean, films set on Mars seem to have a precedent of not performing all that well (which is a shame, as John Carter is a great movie, and criminally underrated).

You're right, John Carter is a great movie, and I really wish that they would create the series! It really had everything. But having not read 'The Martian' I have no idea what to expect, but looking at it another way - it would be good for RS to distance himself from Prometheus 2. Prometheus was actually awful! (IMHO)

Same here. It was a page turner, so looking forward to the film. If they can capture the same sense of humour as the main character, then it'll be a good one.

I haven't read the book so I might be way of track but if humour is what your after then I reckon Matt Damon is a good choice, he had his moments in The Departed and Elysium. As I say it depends on the kind of humour you mean though. Hope you don't mind my pennies worth.

Wow, I read the book about 8 weeks ago. It's a great book, one of the best and most gripping I'd read in years considering it's mostly about the one character. I know if I was in his situation I'd give in after the fist week never mind all the time he spend there just surviving alone. If they can get the slightly unhinged genius of the main character across this could be a 'Gravity' beater.... Very excited...

The original Total Recall was pretty decent too. I think it was just Mission to Mars and Red Planet that gave the fourth rock from the sun a bad name

Can anyone tell me more about the book. Is it grounded in reality or completely sci fi? Because if grounded in reality, the idea of an astronaut wandering around a completely barren, lifeless rock until his oxygen tank runs out sounds like the opposite of compelling to me.

I read the book as a free ebook, before it was snapped up and the rights picked up for a film, i really enjoyed the book and hope the adaptation is as good as the book.

When I first saw Total Recall on its initial release, I thought everything about it was awful. I still do. It was the complete antithesis of everything I liked about Blade Runner.

Blade Runner is a fantastic film, but very different from Total Recall. I see as a piece of fun film-making with a great story, rather than a tech-noir masterpiece like Blade Runner.

Yeah, you wouldn't think it would be a gripping story, but it really is. I just finished the book this week. It was one of the best books I have read in a while. I could not put it down. It was grounded in reality. There was a lot of real science in the book. The main character in the book also has a great sense of humor, which helps with the story.

Sensational news! I read the book when it was a freebie and absolutely loved it. I think people might get hold of the wrong end of the stick with the title, it has NO aliens in it. It is absolutely grounded in reality. I don't know the authors history but he certainly knows his stuff.
This could be better than Gravity if Scott and Damon get it right.

It's kind of like gallows humour...

Oh ok, he could do it I suppose but I have no real point of reference. I do think both Scott and Damon are good enough to pull off whatever they like as long as their hearts are in it.

Your loss.

Please Ridley, it's becoming a forever wait for The Forever War!

Damon has often been underrated, despite displaying a tremendous range. I think he's one of the greats of his generation and have no problem imagining him carrying a whole movie by himself.

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