Denzel Washington linked with new Magnificent Seven movie

News Simon Brew 6 Jun 2014 - 06:34

Denzel Washington and director Antoine Fuqua may reteam again for the new take on The Magnificent Seven.

Arriving in cinemas later this year is the big screen take on The Equalizer that reunites Denzel Washington with his Training Day director, Antoine Fuqua. Reports suggest that there's already a sequel to The Equalizer in the early stages of development, but Fuqua and Washington may be reteaming on a different project first: a remake of The Magnificent Seven.

Appreciating that The Magnificent Seven itself is a remake of sorts, the new take had an original script by Nic Pizzolatto (of True Detective fame). How much of that screenplay remains in tact is unclear, but if Washington and Fuqua do sign on the dotted line, then expect The Magnificent Seven to be fasttracked. Expect the search for the other six to begin promptly, too.

In the meantime, you can expect The Equalizer in the autumn.


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he'd be a good fit for the Yul Brynner role


Great choice.

However I am not too fussed about this remake. I love the 1960's one too much, and yes, I know that was a remake before you have a go.

Hey, with a bigger budget they could include another character and call it The Magnificent 8! I would like to see a sequel to Deja Vu. It would be exactly the same movie as the first. Should be cheap to produce as everything is already shot and edited. :):) Seriously though, they could do a sequel to that with Washington's character slowly realizing that someone is messing with time. Maybe have him unaffected because his other time self came through to this time stream and somehow made him immune to the time effects. Could be interesting.

Wasn't Tom Cruise interested in this? There you have two of the seven. Could be a very cool project. But I'm not sure they will do it as a Western.

Yay! The two things that people today either ignore or hate, Westerns and Remakes, blended together like ebola and typhoid...

Statham for the Steve McQueen part!

For Christ’s sake why cannot Hollywood come up with some originality as opposed to yet again remaking a film which will be forgotten in short time, unlike the original.

Would be nice if it was set inthe modern day.

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