Brand new UK poster for The Lone Ranger

Poster Simon Brew 12 Jul 2013 - 12:21

Exclusive: Johnny Depp and Armie Hammer are up to their necks in it in the new poster for The Lone Ranger...

The Lone Ranger might yet prove to be the most geographically divisive blockbuster of recent times. The reviews from America haven't been particularly positive, but the ones that are starting to filter in from pretty much everywhere else seem to be finding a lot more to like about the movie. We'll be finding out more when it lands in the UK on August 9th.

Ahead of that, we've got an exclusive look at the brand new UK poster for the movie, which you can see below. And we'll have a lot more about The Lone Ranger in the weeks ahead...

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So, aiming for the comedy market, then?

It needs the tagline: "MILFs, Depp is in this one. Yes, I know he's unrecognisable, but..."

I'm still excited for it, it's been too long since Hollywood risked a big screen western.

We've not seen a convincing movie performance from a raven since Damien: Omen II.

Watched this last night and will definitely go see it again in the cinema. It's pure Disney magic with a massive set pieces, laugh out loud moments and to be honest I really don't see how it could have been much better its kind of long but totally worth it. This does not deserve to be the box office bomb American critics want it to be.

As a 30 year old who grew up watching The Lone Ranger TV show with my Dad, I have a lot of love for the characters. They seem to have made a few odd decisions, but I'm still looking forward to this. I really ant it to be successful, just because if it isn't, it will be a long time before there's another project with the Ranger.

What a terrible pitch for the poster. "Get even." Sounds like a tagline for a caper film.

"Once They Get Out, They'll Disappoint You."

Ah the old buried up to their necks routine, just like in The Scorpion King, Shanghai Noon, Wild Wild West, Carry on Follow that Camel and many many more.

IMHO, it was better than the Pirates sequels but that's about as complimentary as I can be about it.

Ugh. Terrible movie. I'm a big Lone Ranger fan and I was looking forwardt to see this. Way, way too long and trying too hard to be funny. I should have stayed home and watched Blazing Saddles and The Legend of the Lone Ranger instead.

True Grit '10? Django Unchained?

In all honesty every review I've heard has said its a funny film - but its more a Tonto movie as Lone Ranger does nothing until the final act of the movie - being portrayed as a bumbling idiot and pacifist from the start onwards.
Also - despite his brother being killed and having his heart eaten while he was still alive... the lone ranger still cannot bring himself to kill the bad guy? WTH?

That's pretty much what the movie is - a comedy... of errors and idiots.

Disgusted to see Disney / Hollywood actors not giving a damn about the repercussions of treating a congenital abnormality as a symbol of wickedness and evil.

By giving William Fichtner's villain a very obvious cleft lip, they send out a cruel and damaging message to the thousands of kids who are born with a cleft each year. Worse still, they are giving other children a reason to stigmatise and target them.

Isn't it time Disney and Hollywood in general moved away from this kind of ignorant stereotyping? Maybe it's too much to ask for them to be a little more imaginative with their storytelling, or maybe they just don't care.

Sorry - I meant big budget! There's still not enough westerns being made for my liking though.

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