New promo spot for The Lone Ranger

News Simon Brew 4 Feb 2013 - 06:32

Johnny Depp and Armie Hammer star in The Lone Ranger. And here's the official Superbowl spot for it...

Running to just over a minute and a half, the new promo spot for The Lone Ranger is keen to highlight a few key things. Firstly, that it's got Johnny Depp in it. Secondly, that it's got extensive physical effects work. And thirdly, that it's from the people behind Pirates Of The Caribbean. All boxes ticked then.

It's still a movie that seems something of a tough sell, but we remain cautiously optimistic here. That said, the movie doesn't get to the UK until August (it's a July release in the States).

Here's the new promo spot...

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I know many on here aren't looking forward to this, but I think it's going to be a fun movie. Visually looks amazing.

I agree, that actually looked better than anything they've shown so far. Particularly the humour.

they might pull this off as long as they have a coherent story (like what potc 2,3&4 missed)

I agree with the other other posters. It looks like this movie is coming together. I do really like Arnie Hammer and it doesn't look like Depp is doing a Captain Jack Sparrow the Native American impression like I feared he would.

Glad they show something more about the plot (the other two trailers one is more about trains and the second more about the funny side with the horse and Tonto) also that this is more focused on the Lone Ranger.
I'm feeling optimistic about this movie

I'm sure it will be fun for all the family, but all i think of when I watch this trailer is Kirk Lazarus.

Could they really not find ONE Native America actor to play Tonto? Yes, Depp will draw the crowds, but they could have got a better leading man to draw the crowds surely?

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