New poster for The Lone Ranger

Poster Simon Brew 30 Jan 2013 - 06:43

Johnny Depp and Armie Hammer star in The Lone Ranger, for which a new poster has just been released...

A new promotional spot for Gore Verbinski's movie of The Lone Ranger is set to be releases in the midst of this weekend's Superbowl, as Disney continues to the tough-looking job of selling the movie (given that it's up against big franchises and sequels).

The film, which stars Armie Hammer in the title role, is inevitably being pushed more around Johnny Depp, who's playing Tonto. And of all the big summer blockbusters this year, it appears to be the one that's invested the most in practical effects work over CG. Whether it all hangs together remains to be seen.

In advance of the new Superbowl spot is the latest poster for the film, which reiterates Johnny Depp's billing. And you can find it below these words.

The Lone Ranger arrives in the US in July, and in the UK on August 9th.

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why did they bother even making this movie

Funny how armie is only in 85% of the poster! Its called the lone ranger not the tonto show. Really getting tired of depp playing jack sparrow in all his movies now.

Hammer just doesn't look comfortable does he?

All together now... 'He's got a pineapple on his 'ed...'

Exactly right...brings to mind a comment from Neil in the Young ones comedy from the 80s....He looks at the camera, after a spectacular cock up and says -

"I'm not going to say one ever listens to me anyway. I mights as well be a Leoard Cohen record......."

No one ver listens to me on here. This movie should not have been made. The trailer looks crap, and you just know its going to have the best bits of the film in it. Johny Depp is embarrassingly bad as Tonto and so on. But no doubt lots of people will still go to see it and say its fun.....its up to them. But I wont be watching it.

Then again maybe it will turn out to be the greatest summer movie ever and superb and fantastic never know.


Epic fail

Still making posters that clearly say "Tonto:the movie" this time poor Hammer didn't even make it completely inside.

It looks like the crow is trying its hardest to carry Tonto off to feed its young. Add a few drops of sweat coming off the crow and the image is perfect...

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