New trailer for The Lone Ranger

Trailer Simon Brew 11 Dec 2012 - 07:55

Johnny Depp and Armie Hammer star in Gore Verbinski's take on The Lone Ranger. And here's the brand new trailer...

There seems to have been a pretty negative cloud hanging around next summer's Johnny Depp-headlined blockbuster, The Lone Ranger. We can understand part of the reason why. The last time that Johnny Depp and director Gore Verbinski worked together on live action movies, we got Pirates Of The Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest and Pirates Of The Caribbean: At World's End. Neither of those films were very good. At all.

But Rango, their most recent collaboration, was excellent. Furthermore, the first Pirates Of The Caribbean movie, The Curse Of The Black Pearl, was far better than any of its sequels. Basically, The Lone Ranger really could go either way.

One big plus for us, although less so for Disney's bankers, is the amount of money that Verbinski appears to be ploughing into practical effects. Hopefully, this should give us some real spectacle to enjoy on the big screen.

We've got another taste of the movie now, anyway, with the release of a full length trailer for it. See what you make of this.

The Lone Ranger is released on July 3rd 2013 in the US, although it's not arriving in the UK until August 9th.

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Really hope this doesn't flop, I think it looks like a lot of fun

This has the potential to be a great popcorn flick... not necessarily a great movie, but a fun one I won't mind dropping some $$$ on

That looks terrible.

'Let's do this!' Really? I agree with Super Nick that this'll be fun, but not great.

I think it will be alright. Admittedly the trailer worsened as all the generic blockbuster scenes started appearing. Still, i'll keep on my radar

There were some good moments in that trailer, but nothing outstanding - and it looks like they've already given away what is presumably the film's big set piece with the train.

Sorry... but was that a horse in a tree? IN A TREE??? Was that where all the money went? On a horse winch?

not epic but looks like it would be enjoyable at the cinema

Looks like great blockbuster material! Love the big time action flicks, that's where DKR went wrong.

Looks fun to me. Can we burn the negatives to The Legend of the Lone Ranger now?


White man speak with forked tongue...white man bad!

That looked...TERRIBLE. Just hear me out. I thought it would be bad, then I hoped it would be good, then I gave it the benefit of the doubt. By that I mean all the negative storys about the film and the production, that we have heard for the last year.

Then I watched the trailer.

I just cant get past the fact that Tonto is Johnny Depp doing a really cliched, cod "Native American" impression, that comes across like something from a bad 50s tv show, back when everyone called them Red Indians.

He sounded like Captain Jack Sparrow in tone, with a different speech pattern. It almost seems like somewhere he is thinking "I have done Captain Jack, now I need another character just as batty, so I can keep making money in case everyone gets sick of the Captain Jack Sparrow thing"

That was a really awful trailer. Awful in the sense that it was so incredibly predictable in what it was showing...we have seen this kind of thing a hundred times before. You know what it reminded me of? Wild Wild West with Will Smith. The moment the train piston rod was flying through the air, I thought " I bet it comes down right next to them, or between their legs" and low and behold.....

The sad thing is, Johnny Depp did not need to do this film, and the film makers could have cast a genuine native American and been more sensitive, but instead have gone for the "white man speaks with forked tongue..." cliched western idea of what a native of the time was supposed to be like. All that remains to be seen now, is how bad its going to be to watch, and if it will bomb. Either way that trailer just killed it as dead as the stupid bird on Depps head for me.

Probably....if they spent a lot of money on it, what did they do with it? Pay the desert to act? Excuse me Mr Tumble Weed...we are ready for you now!
I bet the 5th Rattlesnake on the left got paid extra because he has to keep Mrs Snake and 15 baby snakes in the style they are accustomed to back at his cave... Maybe it all went on Depps makeup budget. But it probably all went on the drugs everyone was on, while they were making this and thinking it was a good idea...

If you took it (and probably things generally) less seriously, you may actually like it.

Is it a comedy? Is it an action film? Is it an action film trying to be funny or a comedy trying to be serious? Im confused. Regardless, trailers can be made to make anything look good and my judgement is reserved for this.

P.S. Great idea for a topic DoG: Top 10 great trailers that turned out to be awful films. My first suggestion would be Matrix Reloaded/Revolutions. On the flipside, bad trailers that turned out to be great films: Donnie Darko :)

I completely agree with you. But the studio's have not made this film for us, they have made this film for kids. Kids will like it, so it doesn't matter how bad we think it looks.

This looks AWFUL.

However, I am a 31 yr old male, so I don't really think I am the target audience.

Superman Returns is my No.1 Trailer that looked amazing, and turned out to be awful.

And maybe Spiderman 3 at No.2.

Seven Psychopaths has to be in that Top 10 now, unfortunately. Looked great. It isn't.

Yet another actor incapable of playing other characters in films now. Depp is so typecast as Jack Sparrow even he cant escape.

Is it me or does this seem a little dark and violent to be a Disney kids movie? Im thinking they are aiming for for the teen audience or above here. Im wrong alot, but this is John Carter 2013. Doesn't bode well for our Star Wars...

Good lord, you thought Rango was a good movie. So much for your credibility.

I am not taking it seriously. How could you looking at the trailer? Its obvious they are going the camp 60s Batman crossed with Pirates of the Caribbean route. But as oneTbam says its aimed at kids. So it does not matter how mad it is. Its just I feel that its a waste of Johnny Depp and embarrassingly bad in not casting a real native American. It could have been better and not as badly done if a tiny amount more thought had gone into it. And it still could have been fun. As it stands it just looks naff. But since when did that stop Hollywood.

Exactly my thoughts, as in my above posts. It seems to have no idea what its meant to be. Even just looking at the trailer. And films like that, the ones that fall between about half a dozen stools and have troubled productions are seldom good.

True. Hollywood does EVERYTHING with an eye on the financials these days, and putting Johnny Depp above the title will guarantee a modest return as a minimum and whilst a movie with a defined identity and authentic cast would be more respectful and gain a higher rating on IMDb, it probably wouldn't have put bums on seats.

Thought it looked okay until they mentioned something like "by the makers of Pirates of the Carribean' as if that was something to brag about. Heart sank further when instead of the William Tell overture we got some generic rock guitar riff. And why does Tonto have a bird on his head?

And no-one mentioned the crow on his head! That better have an Equity card.

I thought Dead Man's Chest was good....

Don't like the look of this. I was a big fan of Johnny Depp and still think he's a fine actor but man, does he need to find something better to be in.

The camp 60s Batman crossed with Pirates of the Caribbean sounds BRILLIANT! Far better than this film

I disliked all of the pirates movies generally, but I actually thought 2 was slightly better. At least it had a couple of good set pieces in the form of the giant spinning wheel and the Depp-on-a-spit scene...

This movie looks like crap. But the kind of crap you can sit back and enjoy anyway because it's a fun ride. Though I am worried about the Tonto camp. Why didn't they cast a real Native American actor?

Rango was a fantastic movie. If anyone's credibility is in question, I would suggest it is yours.

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