First trailer for The Lone Ranger

Trailer Simon Brew 3 Oct 2012 - 09:19

Johnny Depp and Armie Hammer star in The Lone Ranger. Here's the first trailer...

Comfortably one of the biggest gambles of next summer's blockbuster season is The Lone Ranger, starring Johnny Depp and Armie Hammer.

It reunites Depp with his Rango and Pirates Of The Caribbean director Gore Verbinski, but what makes it quite such a gamble is the amount its cost: the budget is apparently sitting at $250m (if you believe reports that are swishing around).

Still, now we get a glimpse of just what they've spent it on, with the first trailer for the movie, which if all has gone to plan, will magically appear beneath these words. Contrary to expectations, there's no giant spider in it...

What do you reckon? Leave your thoughts in the comments below...

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I'm confused - is the villain a train?

I second the "why is the budget so high" question.

Ha. Training montage. I love it.

Looks terrible.

Where's the William Tell Overture?

I can smell a 3D conversion

$5.4m right there! Sorry... I just cannot get over the stapled crow.

That was... surprisingly not terrible. Although the budget still only makes sense if Depp is getting paid about $150m.

If you look carefully in this advert for Jerry Bruckheimer there's a trailer for The Lone Ranger...

It looks exactly how I expected it to from the images we have seen so far. And that's not a bad thing.

Aside from the predictable baddie 'control the future' speech, it seems ok. Lets hope it doesnt go down the Wild Wild West route...

Yes - all $200m+ spent on the rights to Thomas the Tank Engine.

They couldn't afford it.

That looks very very cool. More-so than i was expecting. I'm hoping for a harken back to the first Pirates of the Caribbean calibre... But yes, i can't see the £250 budget, YET, however, as they're still FAR from finished, i'd imagine the productions values will rise considerably. BUT, anyway, on first impressions... Big paws up from me!

It looks beautifully shot but I'm still confused about why it costs so much. With Johnny Depp on board it will probably do better than John Carter but I think it is going to have a tough time breaking 500 million mark, which it will need to do to become a finical success.

Some dorks will applaud and cheer to whatever you show them ...
This movie feels more and more like another Johnny Depp vehicle.
Also westerns on a fantastic approach rarely if ever work , will have to see, but it sure looks like Tonto the movie so far.

So why does he have a crow on his head? That was a symbol of the Crow tribe, Tonto is by the original stories of the Potawatomi tribe.

Sorry - this just didn't do it for me. Boring trite and pretentious cliches. It looked like bits of several run-of-the-mill Westerns sewn together with sepia stitching. This trailer did not make me want to spend money on a ticket - in fact, on the strength of the trailer, I would be more cheerful paying to keep away from it. What on earth are the studio trying to do, spending maybe $250 million on an episode of Bonanza? If this film doesn't bankrupt them, they will be extraordinarily lucky.

If this movie is even a "little" as good as the last Depp/Verbinski collaboration, Rango, then "Lone Ranger" might be a classic!!

And the trailer, looks promising

It's got alot to live up to after 'Wild Wild West' ;)

No William Tell Overture


Tonto has a bird on his head

That aint the Lone Ranger

Sorry but , this looks terrible. Why couldn't they get a Native American to play the part of Tonto? I like Depp but just because he is a great Actor doesn't mean he can do ANY role. Can you imagine Johnny Depp playing James Bond? Gandalf? Charlie Chan?

When Tonto gets billing over the Lone Ranger, it's not really a Lone Ranger movie.

There are rumors that Depp will get 60 mil for the movie.

Still amazing that this movie costs 50 times more than "Moon" for example ...

Do I care how much it costs? Not a bit, considering I wasted money on John Carter. Do I care if it's good? Well of course, I'm a fan of story telling, and this looks like it'll be a exciting, and entertaining, and maybe even a little funny along the way. Captain Jack Tonto looks great. So, If I get at least 60% of goodness out of my £8.60 ticket price, I'll be happy.

$30million, Vanessa Paradis will get the other $30m

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