Is The Lone Ranger in trouble?

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14 Jun 2012 - 07:12

Johnny Depp is starring in The Lone Ranger, set for release in summer 2013. But the movie seems to have hit problems...

One of Disney’s big hopes for the summer of 2013 is its big screen take on The Lone Ranger. The new film stars Johnny Depp, and it reunites him with his Pirates Of The Caribbean producer Jerry Bruckheimer, and director Gore Verbinski. The project was also under threat at one stage, you might remember, when Disney put the brakes on, to get the budget brought down before it agreed to start rolling cameras.

According to a piece at The Hollywood Reporter, though, those efforts may yet have been in vain.

The budget on the film had been cut down for $215m – for a western, effectively! – from the original price of $250m. But the film is now reportedly behind schedule, and the cost of it has ballooned back up to the $250m mark.

Appreciating that the film is not going to be short on special effects (and that there's a fair bill for physical material, too), and also appreciating that it’s got some big name talent on board, that’s still a staggering price for the movie. To us audience members at the end of it all, the cost of the negative is an irrelevance, certainly. But what does set alarm bells ringing is the fact that on-set rewrites are seemingly happening. That hardly worked a treat with the second and third Pirates movies, and if last minute cost trimming, rather than good storytelling, is the prime reason for the current rewrites, that’s a genuine cause for concern.

We’ll see how it turns out. It always struck us that The Lone Ranger was something of a gamble if everything had gone to plan. Hopefully, a good, solid movie will emerge from whatever trouble the film is going through right now. We'll know next summer...

The Hollywood Reporter.

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