The blooper reel for The LEGO Movie

News Simon Brew
14 Feb 2014 - 06:25

Harking back to the days when Pixar did this, the team behind The LEGO Movie have released some outtakes...

Remember when early Pixar films used to have fake outtakes at the end of them? When they debuted them at the end of A Bug's Life it was both a surprise and a treat, and whilst Pixar would stop after a few movies, its fake outtake work remains quite brilliant.

Well, The LEGO Movie - which arrives properly in UK cinemas this weekend - is now getting in on the act. It's probably best you don't watch this until you've seen the movie, but if you have, then you might just enjoy these. We particularly like the fact that they appear to have gone to the effort of animating moments where the voice cast fumbled. That's dedication...

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