The LEGO Movie 2 now confirmed for 2017

News Simon Brew
21 Feb 2014 - 23:17

UPDATE: A release date has now been confirmed for The LEGO Movie 2

UPDATE: Since we first ran this story, two things have happened. Firstly, The LEGO Movie has become a sizeable commercial and critical hit.

Secondly, Warner Bros has now confirmed that The LEGO Movie 2 is definitely happen, and announced a release date. It's due on May 26th 2017.

Here's our original story.

Heading into cinemas in the UK on February 14th (with its US roll-out this weekend coming), the early word on The LEGO Movie has been extremely positive. It's expected to be a sizeable hit for Warner Bros, and the studio is wasting little time getting a new chapter moving.

Work has apparently already begin on The LEGO Movie 2, with Warner Bros hiring Jared Stern and Michelle Morgan to put a screenplay in place for a follow-up feature.

The first movie has been penned by Chris Miller and Phil Lord, who have also directed it. It's unclear whether they'll return for the second film, although when it came to a sequel to their first animated hit, Cloudy With A Chance Of Meatballs, they took a step back when it came to the sequel. The pair are currently putting the finishing touches to their next live action project, 22 Jump Street.

The LEGO sequel ultimately presumably hinges on the box office for the first movie, but by the end of the weekend, we should know if The LEGO Movie 2 is in business. We suspect it might just be....

The Wrap.

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