First trailer for The LEGO Movie

Trailer Simon Brew 19 Jun 2013 - 05:50

From the directors of 21 Jump Street and Cloudy With A Chance Of Meatballs, meet The LEGO Movie. Batman and Superman are in it...

For Valentine's Day 2013, the big new cinema release was A Good Day To Die Hard. We can't imagine that being a springboard for many relationships, and it almost had us pining for a tacky rom-com instead.

The good news, though, is that Valentine's Day 2014 is looking far more promising. That's the day that The LEGO Movie hits cinemas. It's directed by Christopher Miller and Phil Lord, the duo behind Cloudy With A Chance Of Meatballs and 21 Jump Street. And this first trailer suggests they've got another big hit on their hands.

Take a look at this, and see what you think....

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To paraphrase Murtaugh, I'm too old for this stuff, but this looks awesome!

On a lighter note, how well do you think they'll handle the problem of product placement vs artistic integrity?

Ohh dear, what a terrible techno-ified version of a classic 80's A-ha tune. But the movie looks like a pretty decent attempt at something new. My 2 year old will love it.

Amazing. Cloudy and 21 Jump Street were both surprisingly awesome, so I really can't wait. Plus it's great to see that Will Arnett's finally getting a crack at playing Batman, even if it is in Lego form! (and there's even bonus Neeson!)

Is it CGI or stop motion with real bricks? Or a combination of both? The looks of it is great (work PC has no sound so will have to wait until later to watch and listen!)

I'm really hoping for another Wreck it Ralph style film here, where the cameos and in jokes are the delicious topping of a well written cake rather than the cake itself. Given the sheer amount of effort they've gone into to make this film look like stop motion animation and the pedigree of the Directors, I'd say that this could be one to watch.

Sooooo no Marvel or Star Wars characters are going to turn up then. Shame as we could do with another 'Who Framed Roger Rabbit'.

They missed a trick by not casting Liam Neeson as LEGO Batman. The only five words you ever need to get me to watch a movie are "Liam Neeson is LEGO Batman."

my inner child just wet himself!

HAHAH! this looks awesome!

CGI for sure - the budget couldn't handle paying for that many real bricks.

Oh no...I want to love it, but somehow can't. I believe it's the lead voice actor - Chris Pratt - his voice grates on my ears. But this is just the first trailer...I have high hopes, but lowered expectations :-(

Isn't that kinda surmising LEGO in general these days? a technoified version of a classic 80's toy? My only regret is that I feel to old to enjoy this without feeling a little shame...

Wasn't what I was expecting but you know what this looks awesome! And I don't mind saying I'm a long-in-the-tooth Lego fan myself!

Looks absolutely fantastic!

Hate the remix of one of my favourite songs, love how this movie is looking so far. Just hope the BIONICLE can make some kind of appearance.

really? i'd think a multi-million dollar film would have the budget to buy enough brinks to make a stop motion set

It was a joke.

I would have thought Patsy Cline's "I fall to pieces" would have been a better song. Or maybe Paul Janz... :-)

looks ok. REALLY lame title though

TBH I wasn't expecting much from this trailer but I actually found this quite funny!....especially the bit at the beginning with Morgan Freeman introducing all the lego people....count me in :)

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