First trailer: The Last Stand, with Arnold Schwarzenegger

Trailer Simon Brew 16 Aug 2012 - 20:23

Early 2013 sees Arnold Schwarzenegger in his first movie lead role for nearly a decade. Here's the trailer for The Last Stand...

"It's my day off. Should be a quiet weekend..."

Not since Terminator 3: Rise Of The Machines has the name of Arnold Schwarzenegger taken sole pride of place at the top of a movie poster. Sure, there have been cameos in the likes of The Expendables, but a full-on lead role? He hasn't had one since 2003, when political work took priority.

But now it's back to the movies. The Expendables 2 has just hit cinemas, with slightly more work for Arnie this time. But next January sees Schwarzenegger headline The Last Stand, for director Kim Jee-Woon. And here's the very first trailer for it, too.

It has guns, cars, bullets and loud noises in it. This, friends, is Arnie's proper return to the movies...

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See ya!

At last! A real action movie for people who want more than dazzling lights and CGI. A movie that seems to be using real "stunts" and "stuntmen"! Wow, what will Hollywood think of next?!

Ahhnuld does not look 'jacked'.....he looks old, podgy, worn-out.

Well I think it looks awesome. Bang Bang

good ol tradition action films are back ! yes I went there!
Cant wait for it tbh

Definitely more of a Blu-ray watch then cinema, but there's nothing wrong with some unoriginal guns and violence every now and then. Not every film can be a Shawshank or a Schindler and its good to have some mindless explosions and one-liners from time to time - I wonder what will be better, this or Sly in "Bullet to the Head"!

Is that the town they made for 'Thor'? It looks really familiar...

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