John Woo's The Killer getting English language remake

News Simon Brew
21 May 2012 - 06:36

It's confirmed: the English language remake of John Woo's The Killer is pressing ahead...

It is hard to find any human being who has sat through the majesty of John Woo's action spectacular The Killer, and who consequently does not love it. It's an action movie with a very human heart, mixing in breathtaking sequences with a central narrative you can't help but care about. And it is, bluntly, really quite brilliant.

It's being remade.

To be fair, there's been talk of an English language remake of The Killer for a long time now, but over at the Cannes Film Festival, news has broken that the cash is now in place to press ahead with the movie.

The new film is set to be directed by John H Lee (who helmed A Moment To Remember), with Sarah Yan Li the confirmed piece of casting news thus far. We'll bring you news on the male lead when we get it. Woo is involved in the project as producer.

The official synopsis? It reads like this: "Set in present day Los Angeles, Jef, a highly skilled contract killer falls in love with the only living witness to his latest job, a female singer (Sarah Yan Li) who was blinded during the hit. Meanwhile, Detective Vaughn, the cop assigned to investigate Jef's hit, has a chance to save his reputation when he correctly, and fatefully, suspects Jef to be the killer, but after witnessing Jef display an act of heroism, Vaughn's perceptions of right and wrong begin to change."

We'll keep you posted on the project. But do consider seeing the exquisite John Woo original if you haven't already. Please.

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