Sony making changes to The Interview, may avert war

News Simon Brew
14 Aug 2014 - 06:16

North Korea may yet call off war threats, as Sony makes lots of small amends to the upcoming comedy, The Interview...

The story so far. For their follow up to This Is The End, co-writers and directors Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg have been putting together The Interview. This is a comedy starring Rogen and James Franco, recently pushed back to December, that follows a fictional assassination attempt on North Korean leader Kim Jong Un's life.

The North Korean authorities did not take this news very well, declaring it an "act of war". A complaint to the United Nations was lodged.

As it turns out, Sony is now making alterations to the movie, presumably in an attempt to avoid World War III breaking out. It also saves putting out a call to Matthew Broderick and his games of tic-tac-toe.

The Hollywood Reporter is saying that thousands of military buttons that appear in the movie are being digitally edited out. "Showcasing military decorations would be considered blasphemous to the nuclear armed nation", the article notes, with perhaps the most crucial words there being the last three in that particular sentence.

We love this sentence from the piece too - "It is unlikely that North Korea is just now catching wind of the film's provocative storyline given that THR first wrote about The Interview and its plot in March 2013" - given that it suggests the North Korean authorities are keen Hollywood Reporter readers.

It may not be that unlikely, though, as Kim Jong Un is "a noted film buff, like his father". Wonder what his favourite Jason Statham movie is?

The Interview will be released in December with, it seems, thousands of minor digital alterations. But they may just save all of our lives.


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