Trailer for The Interview, with Seth Rogen & James Franco

Trailer Simon Brew 12 Jun 2014 - 06:06

The first trailer and poster have landed for upcoming comedy The Interview, with James Franco and Seth Rogen starring...

Seth Rogen already has one hit under his belt this year with Bad Neighbours. Later this year? We get another stab at box office gold with The Interview.

The Interview stars Rogen alongside James Franco, with the latter playing a celebrity interviewer, and Rogen taking on the role of his producer. The pair manage to land an interview with North Korea dictator Kim Jong-Un. The further challenge? That the CIA wants the pair to assassinate him. Nothing could possibly go wrong.

Directed by Rogen and Evan Goldberg, who are looking to build on the success of their directorial debut with This Is The End, The Interview is currently scheduled for release in the US on October 10th, and it'll land in the UK on October 29th.

Here's the first trailer, and if you scroll further down, we've got the poster as well...

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I liked This Is The End and Rogen and Franco have great chemstry on screen. I hope it lives up to the premise!

Their Kim Jong-Un is way too tall and butch looking...

I agree with Omniaural, these two work really well together. Pineapple Express is one of my all time favourite comedies. really looking forward to this film and the PE sequel.

This Is The End was pretty funny and much better than At world's End... This could be good, one to watch!

Ha! Brilliant. North Korea is going to hate this! Banned...

North Korea are so mental, it would not surprise me if they went and started a war with America over this film.


Oh! They're men and they love each other! Like gay men! But they're straight! Hahahahahahaaaaaaaaaa. Jeez, that's a tired gag now.

Another original idea on a Seth Rogen film. You can like or dislike his comedy, but the man always goes for fresh ideas. Cancer comedy, Apocalypse-with-Hollywoodstars comedy, Superheromovie comedy, Taxi Driver as a comedy, just recently the young couple against a fraternity comedy and now this! Compared to most of the other US comedies with their generic stories (Adam Sandler, Ben Stiller and such) this is truly refreshing. I'm in.

Hopefully this bucks the trend and puts all the unfunny bits in the trailer and saves the comedy for the actual film. Hopefully.

Finally, a great poster for a comedy! Love it.

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