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News Glen Chapman 17 May 2013 - 06:59
The Incredibles

The Pixar sequel that we all really want is The Incredibles 2. But is it any closer to being made?

We're not the only ones, we suspect, who have a different Pixar sequel wishlist to the one we're getting. Granted, the Toy Story trilogy is brilliant, but Cars 2 wasn't. And while we're looking forward to Monsters University, and will inevitably buy a ticket for the now-announced Finding Nemo 2, it's surely The Incredibles that most lends itself to a follow-up.

Nobody has ever ruled The Incredibles 2 out, and director Brad Bird has chatted about it before. He's given an update though on his thoughts in a new piece with The Hollywood Reporter. And he admitted “I've been thinking about it. People think I have not been, but I have. Because I love those characters and love that world. I am stroking my chin and scratching my head".

He added that "I have many, many elements that would work really well in another (Incredibles) film, and if I can get 'em to click together, I would probably wanna do that... I have many different films I wanna make. It's like a big airplane hangar and I have different projects on the floor; half-assembled in my brain... You kind of have to move on the ones that are willing to pay for and the ones you're most excited about.”

Given the fact that The Incredibles made a healthy profit, we'd imagine that there's plenty of people that would be willing to pay for a sequel. Fingers crossed we'll get one, but with Bird's immediate priority being his second live action feature, Tomorrowland, we've got a long wait ahead...

The Hollywood Reporter

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Given the fact that we got Cars 2 I have to wonder if perhaps there's an internal political reason we haven't gotten an Incredibles sequel. I mean... nobody was asking for a sequel to Cars but we "got" one anyways. Why not Incredibles?

I really hope we can get an Incredibles 2 out one day, it's certainly Pixar's most warranted sequel, given the orignal left itself open for another film [Although I cannot remember if they did a video game based on the events after or not...]. 2017 is looking likely for an Incredibles 2 at the earliest. Oh, it's Finding Dory, not Finding Nemo 2 btw. :)

I would suggest it has more to do with merchandise than box office. Cars and toy story have lived on through the tous and various other merchandise but the incredibles merchandise has disappeared meaning Disney make more money so will push a sequel so they can sell more merchandise.

This has to happen! Just has to!

The Incredibles is crying out for a sequel. I went to see it with my ex even though she didn't want to but she completely loved it.

We went to watch Seed of chucky but watched Incredibles instead. BOY am I glad. And my kids enjoy it immensely. I tell my 3 year old "you're the baby" and he says "no I'm the fast boy" and, appropriately, dashes away.

Why? Money. You'd think that The Incredibles would sell a lot of toys, but Cars merchandising apparently brought in $5 billion in sales...

I don't get why all this clamour.

It was a wonderful little film, and part of the wonder was in the originality of its premise. Originality that would be lost second time around.

Personally I'd prefer they spent the time on something new.

It'll be interesting to see how Monsters U does as that's a similar situation. If that's as good as Inc then I'm all for an I2, but Pixar have a mixed record when it comes to sequels.

Toy Story 2&3 were great but Cars 2, less so.

I would also rather Pixar worked on more original films instead of sequels. Although all 3 Toy Story's are brilliant, as others have said Cars 2 was not. I would agree with the article that of all the Pixar movies The Incredibles warrants a sequel more than the others. I'm not all that excited to rush out and see Monsters U or Finding Dory, but I would definitely get in line for I2

Yep, completely true there. Cars 2 may not be the best received of the Pixar films but the amount of merchandise that has been made from it has caused the film to be deemed as a success and not a failure. Pixar have made a hell of a lot of money back, that's all that really matters to them.

Currently there are no Toy Story or Cars films out but the merchandise associated with the films can be found in any good toy retailer and that's because the demand is high, regardless of either series currently being on the big screen.

I still can't believe I'm the only person in the universe who liked Cars 2. At least all the way up to the end but to be fair the only they could have avoided that and still retained a twist would be making the Queen the villain and that wouldn't sit very well with an English audience. The rest of the film doesn't anyway to be fair but you get my point.

Sounds like wishful thinking. We should settle for the outstanding original and leave it be. Anything Brad Bird does will be good anyway. The Iron Giant was an excellent indication his potential.

I'll never understand the lack of love for Cars 2. Being the dad of two small booys, I've seen both Cars, as well as all the Mater's Tall Tales, dozens of times. Literally, dozens. I've probably seen the 2 movies in the last few years as many times as I've seen Star Wars, and I'm now 40 and first saw Star Wars when I was 4. And really, I just don't see why all the dislike for Cars 2. Boggles my mind.

Cars does have the sporadic 'Mater's Tall Tales' keeping the franchise creeping along, and the forthcoming Airplanes (or whatever it's called) will help too I suppose.

It's a strange world we live in Madalaski. Cars 2 was brilliant, I thought. I'll never understand the hate for it.

I want to see it. Please.

Incredibles 2 should of come before both Cars 2 and now the Planes spin off.

THE BEST DANG ANIMATED MOVIe OF allll time....PLEASE PIXAR ...YOU R MY ONLY HOPE...or something like that?!!
MU was ok,but did we really need it ...NoPe!!

lol I'm glad you chose not to take your kids to see "Seed of Chucky" lol I think "The Incredibles" was a good call!

Yeah I watched it eventually, for free... It was still a bad decision. And the Incredibles remains one of my favorites, including and especially the short with the babysitter and the baby. Kills me every single time

The Incredibles was pitched to Pixar in 2000. the sequel was prepared in 2000. It was not pitched to Pixar so that was one film they did not steal, unlike several movies they did steal. Jorgen Klubien introduced the movie to Pixar. Jan Pinkava was also involved.

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