The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 1 teaser trailer

Trailer Simon Brew 26 Jun 2014 - 07:24

Donald Sutherland's President Snow wants a word, in a new teaser for The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 1

Even the promotional material for The Hunger Games is willing to address the politics underlying the books pretty much head on. This new teaser trailer for the upcoming The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 1 sees Donald Sutherland's President Snow addressing the people of Panem. And well he might: as those who saw how The Hunger Games: Catching Fire panned out will well know (not least those who have read Mockingjay), challenges lie ahead.

Here's the teaser, then. The film itself lands in cinemas in November, with the concluding movie of The Hunger Games series set for release in November 2015.

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No spoilers. Thank you!

I genuinely want to shake the hand of the marketing team behind these films. They have a gift of a product, sure, but they do a helluva job.

None here.

Anyone else not like these films at all? I find them really bland. I managed to watch the previous films all the way through but wasn't able to see what everyone else seems to see. Has everyone who's watched these films also read the books?

I loved the films but yes, I have also read the books. It's possible people like me are subconsciously filling in the gaps, since we've read about Katniss' inner thoughts. Anecdotally, I have noticed there is a gulf between the reactions of those who've read them and those new to the story.

Yes you are probably right. Sometimes with these book adaptions like you said you can fill in the gaps giving you a better understanding of the films.

This looks very interesting. I have to say the books have so much more to them however if a film was completely faithful to its source you wouldn't just have one film. Take for example the TV movie of The Bourne Identity (1988) three hour run time based (more accurately) on a single novel whereas the film franchise mushes up all three books to create the franchise.

I did film first and felt that they did a good job. While the book is richer with details, especially about life in the districts, I still think the films stand up.

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