Philip Seymour Hoffman and The Hunger Games: Mockingjay

News Simon Brew 3 Feb 2014 - 06:35

Lionsgate confirms that the late Philip Seymour Hoffman's work on the upcoming The Hunger Games movies was almost done.

We're still in shock about the sad death of Philip Seymour Hoffman yesterday, a man we never knew, but absolutely loved his work. One of our favourite actors, he leaves behind so many wonderful performances, and our thoughts are very much with his friends and family at what must be such a horrible time for them.

Lionsgate has moved quickly to clear up, and remove any speculation about, the fate of his work in the still-filming The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part I and Part II. Hoffman had introduced the character of Plutarch Heavensbee on-screen in The Hunger Games: Catching Fire, and the role is a significant one in the final book.

As it turns out, the actor had completed the required filming for The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part I, and had seven days' worth of work to go on The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part II. We'll still get to see some of Hoffman's final work, as the studio isn't going to recast his role, and won't need to delay the release of either film. Presumably some post-production trickery, and slight reworking where necessary, will fill in the gaps.

One last thing: if you're thinking of using the comments section to talk about the circumstances of Hoffman's death, please don't. If you want to add your voice to the many celebrating the work of an actor taken from us far too soon, please do. Thank you.

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Love the hoff. While lots of rightly deserved comments about his films have been said, I would like to add that his performance in Happiness was outstanding. God bless Philip

Nice gesture, keeping his last work up. I do hope, for the fans of the franchise, that those seven days of work missing don't compromise the story, though. It'd be a pitty if his last movie was not loved by the public. He deserves a proper swan song.

I love geeky news, but I wish Lionsgate and DOG had put out this press release at a less immediete time after his death. I enjoyed Catching Fire immensly as a film, but The Hunger Games was far from my mind when I heard about his death and I'm sure far from his family and friends.

I think, to be fair to Lionsgate, it was being asked the question a lot, hence it quickly got an answer out, to shift attention back where it should be. It couldn't win either way, really.

As for us: yep, was torn whether to post it, as it's a million miles from the top of our mind too. But thought it probably best to report it and move on. I can assure you we won't be doing lists or related features.

Rest in peace, PSH.

A tremendous loss, he was masterful. I don't think it was too early to say how far along his work was with the Hunger Games, if anything it's preemptive. So ta for letting us know DoG. He's going to be sorely missed.

You were right to post it. My only knowledget of him is his acting roles so info about his current role(s) is of interest.

What a great actor, not only will he be sadly missed but so will all those future films that he won't be a part of. Despite all his roles I remember him best in twister because that was the first film I can saw him in.

I was shocked when I saw the first couple of message on Facebook about Hoffman's passing and rushed onto the Internet to see if it was really true, hoping it wasn't. What a phenomenal actor he was, and what a loss to all of us as movie lovers. I hope it doesn't sound insensitive to say that I'm at least glad his work for The Hunger Games movies is already mostly in the can and it won't affect the films too much. He made a great Plutarch Heavensbee and it would have been a shame to see someone else taking on the role.

I think you were right to post it too. I can see how it might have seemed insensitive to make a statement about The Hunger Games movies so quickly, but I guess the studio has investors and shareholders to keep informed, unsavoury as it may sound.

I agree as well. He's a huge loss and I'm sure his family is suffering but it adds some light to the darkness to know that we will get to see him again and his part won't be recast.

I don't remember him in Twister but it has been some time since I've seen it. The first time I came across him was The Big Lebowski. I always thought the Coen Brothers would work with him again eventually but now sadly that won't happen.

I'm really not that bothered. The guy did drugs and paid the price. Shame he wasn't thinking about the risk and the price his family will now have to pay while he was shooting up... The guy's a high-profile millionaire. Don't tell me he was a "desperate addict". If the jobless and homeless can get clean, he could too, if he'd wanted to.

I had watched Catching Fire the night before I learned of his death, so I was very much interested to know that I'd at least get to see him on screen one or two more times. So sad. What must his last few days have been sad, so sad.

I do wish his final, unreleased work had been something a bit more substantial

Personally I think posting this was the right thing to do. The actor should be celebrated for his work and this will give the viewing audience one last chance to do that.

So what if its 'insensitive' his loved ones aren't reading this website. People are so terrified of causing offence all the time! Its relevant news, so report it. If the principal of your kids' school died you'd expect a prompt announcement of what was going to happen, wouldn't you?

And when Happiness came out, it's bleak nature was so controversial that some critics said the actors wouldn't ever get any work again...thankfully, they were wrong.

I think you were right to post this. While we will all mourn the loss of one of the finest actors of both his generation, and of all time, many people will have been keen to be reassured that he will live on in his work, not least, on this superb series. RIP will be much missed

"One last thing: if you're thinking of using the comments section to talk
about the circumstances of Hoffman's death, please don't. If you want
to add your voice to the many celebrating the work of an actor taken
from us far too soon, please do. Thank you."

No DoG, Thank you.

It is a terrible sudden loss. It is his family and friends who have been completely bereft but the whole world has lost someone precious too. the intensity and authenticity he inhabited his roles with reached right out of the screen and bore into the audience. such a sad sad loss.

He also has A Most Wanted Man, and God's Pocket to come. I think they are still on the festival circuit, but they are on their way. Both leading roles, both look like powerful films. If it isn't shallow to say, since people put an emotional weight on an actor's final work, they seem like some good legacy.

Yup. So my original comment was deleted, but I wasn't wrong. Now the media have gone quiet on this front since it came out he had enough heroine in his home to supply... Hm... What a 'courageous' man and 'caring' father... ... ...

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